Just in case you all thought I was kidding…

Baby #4 at 19 weeks
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  • Kim

    I just realised these scans give you all my full name and really? I can’t be arsed to go in and photoshop it out. So let the stalking begin.

  • Kim

    I changed my mind.

  • Suse

    It’s ok, we’ll just track you down with that profile shot.

    Spitting image?

  • daysgoby

    Oh my God, you’re halfway through.
    Did you find out boy or girl?
    Would you tell if you did?
    Are you still looking for names?

  • Blue Moon Girl

    I love those little feet! So sweet!A beautiful baby!

    I swear I read where you said that you decided to make it a surprise? Or am I just making that up? Maybe you just said you wouldn’t tell the blog-world?

    Have you thought of any names yet?

    Also, glad you decided to edit out the name. I would hate to see you get stalked and not post anymore.

  • Badger

    Oh! Oh oh! Hello, baby!

    Did you get a shot of the ‘nads? It IS a girl, right? RIGHT?

  • meggie

    How lovely to be able to ‘meet’ your new one so early. No such thing in my day. How exciting to see it.

  • nutmeg

    Technology still amazes me! How amazing to have this peek inside the “private” world of your baby.

    Bring on the second half of the journey 🙂

  • Kim

    Awww you guys!

    To tell you the truth, I really needed this morning with this little person – I haven’t felt pregnant or felt it move very much to have that whole connection thing kick in.

    You see, quite infuriatingly, my life is being consumed by ‘issues’ at work at the moment which has left me stressed, frazzled, exasperated, frustrated and really quite demoralised. I can’t write about it at all here due to obvious reasons and I have been very annoyed at myself for letting it all cloud what should be my focus, this little growing being.

    Anyway, to see him/her swimming around, flailing its arms this way and that and – I swear, not a word of a lie – it seemed to be yelling at one point was just food for my soul.

    And… as to the sex…

    I could have sworn I saw dangly bits. Considering it was just before the radiographer (radiologist? scanner? ultrasoundist?)said “I’m just about to do some measurements in the pelvic area so maybe look away in case some things come into shot” I think we’re lining up for another boy. BUT – I also was looking at it on screen thinking I was looking at its skull until she pointed out it was the stomach and there’s the heartbeat – derrrr – so really, that’s enough warning that what I saw could well have been the spine.

    I did ask her later on, “was that a penis I saw?” but she said she wasn’t really looking and that it was probably the insertion point of the umbilical cord.

    But you know what? I really am having a baby, we really are going to be a family with four kids, our food bills are trully going to be astronomical, I can only imagine the teenage rumbling in the lounge room and our world is going to be full of laughter, friends, food and life for many years to come.

    And that, well that is pretty darn awesome.

  • Stomper Girl

    Gorgeous to see the little wee feet and the sweet little face. Your baby has a very attractive profile! Thanks for sharing

  • Em

    What a gorgeous little bub you’ve got there – so sweet!

  • aunty evil

    Aww congrats!

    I swear, that is the first ultrasound picture I have ever seen where I can actually make out what it is!

    Never having had one, I am constantly shown other people’s, and all I can do is say “err, ok?” when they say excitedly, “and there’s the head, and the spine”….so thanks for restoring my faith that these things really do show you something! 🙂

  • sueeeus

    Beautiful! I always get goose bumps when I see an u/s and the reality of that little one in there. Best wishes!

  • Jenn

    Awww, baby feet! I LOVE baby feet! Sometimes it’s the actual visualization of the baby in the womb to bring the statement “I’m having a baby,” to the realization of “OMG! There’s my baby!”

  • Jonathan

    Fingers crossed… After nearly getting to the finish line ourselves – and now halfway through adopting kids, we really appreciate how wonderful it must be if everything works…

  • Joke

    Yay, you! (Yay, Baby #4, also)


  • Surfing Free

    Looks like another cute one!!

  • julia

    Awwww, so cute! A future karate star, obviously.

  • Muzbot

    Hello there…
    I’ve got fifty bucks on that’s it’s a girl this time around…

  • h&b

    aww, so cute !
    I only got blobby head/spine pics .. and had no idea what I was having ( a seahorse ? ). You got footsies !

    How’s the molar – gone already ?

    I kinda like my gummy hole, as gross as it sounds…

    I have had like, FOUR people email/comment me to say your/Bill’s ginger chicken rocks.

    Should we try and email Bill for publicity ?


  • tya