In other news

you know that infected gum I was telling you all about? The one I had belligerently been treating by obsessive flossing, listerine rinsing, panadol taking and so on and so forth?
Yeah well in the last couple of days, it went away – woohoo! But curiously it was still too tender to eat on that side of my mouth. I was all – oh it’s just out of practice. But weirdly, the tooth/gum still felt swollen in that I can’t really close my mouth and have to really concentrate to not lisp.
Then tonight, I’m sticking my fingernail between that tooth and the one next to it, because it seemed like a good idea, and I thought, “Curious, my tooth moves. Oh look, I press on this end, it moves that way, I press the other, it moves the other way.” I’m playing with this notion thinking, wow, my tooth is going to fall out, just like Felix’s did the other day (his first top baby tooth to go – the other one is now hanging precariously and he’s looking a lot like Cletus).” Then it dawns on me. It’s only one side that is moving.
That’s right folks. My back molar on the right hand side has dawg-gone split in two. So now who’s gonna be Cletus.
In other tooth news, Jasper still only has 6 teeth. At 15 months. 6 dinky little teeth. Oh, and you wanna know how many times I’ve found him standing on the dining room or outdoor table in the last week?

He also loves yoghurt, particularly when I take the boys shopping with me and buy those hideous marketed-to-children types rather than my standard bio-dynamic natural sort.
We had a family bbq at our place today. I did Bec’s lamb:
It was a lovely lovely day.

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  • Jenn

    Yoghurt is FANTASTIC for the skin…he has the right idea.

    Get thee to a dentist and have that offensive molar yanked. You’ll feel better.

  • Kim

    Jenn – I know, but seriously, is there anything else that makes you KNOW you are getting old? (apart from menopause and that awful wrinkling of your cleavage skin? oh and the sagging (even further) of the boobs? and the bingo-wings?) Chef said, “Gah, you old woman.”

    And I’m only 34!! This is seriously just in keeping with my history of tooth trouble with each and every pregnancy.

    If anyone needed proof of the verocity of my ability to clench my teeth and grind them in my sleep, here you go. I cracked a dirty big molar in half.

  • Hannelie

    Must be a boy thing, our little man wants to do the same the whole time.
    Ouch that tooth sounds sore!! I’ve got a cracket one and can’t eat certain food on that side, but the dentist reckon he can’t do athing about it!

  • Surfing Free

    Ouch! That tooth sounds painful! I swear teeth are the worst designed parts of our body – they hurt when they first come in, they fall out, they grow back again then proceed to rot in your head until you die!
    I hope you get it all fixed up with the minimum of pain and financial loss.

    Your little boy is so adorable 🙂 Climbing tables .. hee hee.

  • Surfing Free

    Oh, and btw … how do you roast your potatoes in their jackets?? I have tried and tried in the oven and in the microwave but they never seem to turn out right!

  • Joke

    I cracked a molar once. Getting the damned thing fixed gave me enough of a glimpse into Eternal Damnation to make me realize I’d better start behaving.


  • meggie

    Why do our teeth decide to crack up because we are pregnant. Each child cost me a tooth!

    I wish you luck with yours. My dentist would not let me have more than a needle last time I was pregnant. Beast!

  • mad muthas

    ooh that’s really sore – it happened to my old man. poor you – have you got an appointment? what is your dentist going to do?

  • h&b

    I blogged about your yummy ginger chicken.

    That molar ? I had one like that – it was a root canal I couldn’t afford to cap though, and when it split, there was nothing to do but pull it out.

    I hate my teeth ..

  • Kim

    SF – I just jab a knife into them a few times, then put them whole in a bowl, drizzle over some oil and salt and pepper, toss, then bung in an oven straight on the shelf at 200C until they’re done – anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. I’ve never done them in the microwave, the only thing I think you should cook in a microwave is popcorn.

    Joke – I hear ya loud and clear.

    MM – I KNOW – three kids, three root canals. and now, the fourth I get the cracked tooth on one that has had a root canal, so I figure all they can do is pull it out (H&B – you confirmed my suspicions)

    QUite frankly, I’ll be glad to be done with this tooth, it’s given me grief for years. But I keep hearing that old adage, your own teeth are better than anything, even if they’re crap.

    H&B- I too HATE my teeth and the chronic grief they give me. If – as a severly bulimic teenager – someone had said to me – this is going to mean years of painful and EXPENSIVE dentistry I may well have not gorged and purged with such gusto.

    Sigh, sigh, sigh.

  • Kim

    H&B – I’ve had three root canals, and my dentist gives me such a hard time I haven’t had any of them capped – I’m like – gee sorry, but that $900+ you want for each one? Just doesn’t exist. I can only imagine the “tsk-ing” and sighing she’s going to give me when she sees this tooth in all its glory.
    Chef keeps offering to pull it out with pliers, and really? it doesn’t sound that bad.