Weekend Roundup

Ok, this is the current food obsession. My garlicky tahini, grilled pitabread and grape tomatoes.

It’s official, Obi-wan is a clothes-horse:

The two eldest boys just spent a few days with my Dad and stepmother. It was weird and I’m not sure how happy I was having them 2 hours drive away. The oldies were exhausted, as were the kids and they all had an absolute blast.

We spent most of today revolting 40+C degree day at my inlaws – soaking in the pool and preoccupying the collective mind from tomorrow’s funeral.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts. It has been a weird week to say the least and we’re all feeling the looming-ness of tomorrow.

I was going to do a whole post on the whole week, but quite frankly, I’m (still) hot and very tired and well, you all pretty much get how my life runs these days anyway.

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  • Jonathan Beckett

    You know, I’m trying not to get just a little jealous here – it’s just above freezing in the UK, although the sun is out, and there is a brilliant blue sky as I write this.

    I am huddled up in the warm, with a cup of tea and a laptop…

  • Kim

    This is one of the things I love about the whole blogging thing – that we are sweltering, with drought and bushfires and you guys are getting blown away in ice storms and ferocious low pressure systems.

    And that some of us constantly yearn to be where the other one is.

    One day, ONE DAY, we will live somewhere with snow and where winter requires more layers than a long sleeve shirt and polar fleece

  • Muzbot

    hehehee – I spent the hot day lazing on the lounge with a bottle of ice cold coke and some cookies and cream iceblocks watching a very exciting day-night cricket match… I only wish I had a pool to go to.