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You know, I’m in one of those places at the moment where I’m quite besotted with my children. Where I feel like I’m calling the shots in terms of the type of parent I am, rather than just ‘getting by’ and having that sense of a life half lived and every aspect of it half-baked or worse, half-arsed.

But this one, the latest recruit, soon(ish) to become part of a gang created by obi-wan called ‘the middle boys’. This one is taking my breath away. Filling my heart with light and laughter. Jasper = absolute pure joy.

Don’t get me wrong, obi-wan and oscar are doing likewise (they’re playing together at the moment is surreally divine) but I guess it is the infectious newness of the youngest that is getting to me.

In the last two days he has started calling me ‘mama’ consistently. It’s happened on occasion in the past, but for weeks, everything in the whole wide world has been labelled ‘dadda’.

So ‘words’ we’re getting:
uss – for Puss and for fish
nigh nigh


The key obsession has kicked in.
As has the penchant for carrying around a bag.
Nothing is more enjoyable than a hand dabble in the toilet bowl.
Even better – dropping things in there such as bars of soap and various toys.
Outside is THE best – it didn’t take too long either to work out how to climb up on to and (almost) off the trampoline.
The dog water is THE best water to drink in the world.
The dog bowls and food must be tipped out all over the back deck at all times.
Getting naked is AWESOME.
This thing between my legs? Weird but fantastic to pull on WHENEVER the opportunity presents itself, even worth a try when fully clothed.
Hippo must be on self or in line of sight at all times.
These normal dinners, and the feeding myself? FANTASTIC.
The best game? A tie between pulling those CDs off the shelves and scraping CDs on wooden floors and finding an unlocked cupboard and turfing its entire contents.
Sleeping and nigh nigh is great. (can you believe it! one who does what those babies in Huggies ads do – you know, the freakish babies you see being put into a cot with a kiss and then left to go off to sleep, and do so with nary a whimper or screaming fit for hours and hours and hours)
This water thing we keep doing? Where there’s lots of sand or at Nana and Grandpa’s? I’m not so sure, except those.two.big.boys. seem to LOVE it, so it can’t be that bad.

The pottering around. The shoving dogs out of the way. The obsession with the cat. The clearly understanding what we’re saying to him. The signing finished. The climbing.

It is just an absolute blinding ray of sunshine in my world.

I must say, this is actually infectious in terms of the incubating of #4 (who I think is going to be a girl version of Felix) and I am now well and trully leaving the shock, fear and trepidation behind, to look on 2007 as the momentous – and wondrous – year in which our family of five becomes one of six, and that of a little person entering our world to fill it with love and wonder.

Current status: 16 weeks, 24 (or so) to go.

That said, I am currently the size of a backyard shed, which at only 16 weeks is even alarming for myself. The carcass I will be dragging around closer to eta is even beyond my comprehension.

* I must clarify that I’m not one of “those” mothers who uses signing because of its fad status, but because we use it with Oscar and it just flows across all the kids now as is part of our household language.

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  • daysgoby

    What a wonderful time! I love those ‘in sync’ moments.

    Any new names popping up yet?

  • Joke

    When will you know if it’s a boy or girl?


  • h&b


    I can read the warm oozy ‘besotted’ – it drips from your words like warmed honey.

  • meggie

    You are so lucky to have signing as an ‘extra’! Hell, if we all had more ways of communicating, life would be easier- surely?
    He is a gorgeous child! As they all are!

  • Surfing Free

    I’m still waiting for that feeling where it’s all come together and I feel in control of the family. But I’m slowly getting excited about my baby as well! I’ve been so busy thinking about how to schedule life around the birth and first couple of months that I’ve forgotten how GORGEOUS it is to have a little baby around.
    Last night Miss E rattled off a list of all the things she could help me with when the baby arrives. Top of the list was cuddles when needed …. awwww!

  • Badger

    Aw! I’m so happy that you’re happy!

  • Muzbot

    I’m hoping you have a daughter.

  • Kim

    J – um, when he/she comes out? That’s right, we’re those kind of people who don’t find out what sex the baby is until it is in the world, breathing on its ownsome.

    We found out with Felix, and I was deeply dissatisfied with everyone’s reaction when he was born. Like, “oh, that’s nice”.

    So no more finding out.

    M – really? You would like me to have a daughter? Curious.

  • sueeeus

    Oh, I’m so glad the second trimester is going so shiningly for you. So glad!!

  • BabelBabe

    i never found out. my theory was that something had to get me through the pushing part. otherwise i’d be all, “Fuck it, I know it’s a boy, just get him O.U.T.”

    my youngest has been similar – just a joy. (and the penis-yanking.) well except for some tantrums here and there when he practices to be two. but mostly? I want to gobble him up.

  • Em

    I’m with you on the baby love … and even a teensy bit jealous that you get to do it all again with another (but not jealous enough to get knocked up myself!)

  • Angie

    It has been so long since I have been able to sit and visit. I had no idea about your coming joy! Congratulations to you! (I am dreaming of just 1 more.) The way you feel about that gorgeous little one I know that same feeling with my little baby boy. I am totally besotted. And I swear a hundred times a day that boy thinks the winky is a pull toy. Hahahaha!

  • Kim

    Em – I meant to say it in the post but forgot – this was inspired by your post about Juliet.

    Angie – HELLO!!!! I shall come and visit your blog soon to catch up on all your news.