I went back to work.

BUT, far more importantly, when we were getting lunch, we stood in the same cafe as:
the coach of the Australian cricket team:
the deputy coach, (couldn’t find a pic, sorry)

Michael Hussey
AND Andrew Symonds.
I realise this may mean nothing to some of you, but to the cricket tragics among us, it was pretty damn awesome.

It took all of my physical (and fear of embarrasing myself in public, which I do way too often) strength to not get up and ask for autographs. I’m sure it’s something I will rue in future years, but there you go.

If you’re wondering, Hussey was a lot slighter and younger looking than than expected (but you could still make out a very fit body underneath his Australian cricket team casuals). AND he looked a lot less goofy than in the picture above.
Symonds is just one big hulking fit hunk of spunk, with his olive skin, dreadies and the bluest eyes on earth.

as only a groupie can do.

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  • nutmeg

    I am now well trained in the art of “saying nothing to well known sports people” after making a fool of myself on numerous occasions. Which is OK when your 10 years old not when your 30 (or more!)

    Always interesting when you see someone in the flesh that you’ve only seen on telly before – they tend to be 10 foot tall on telly. Well, maybe Symmonds really is!

  • blackbird

    I’ll have that Andrew fellow –

    wait…what were you saying?

  • Hannelie

    You lucky girl!!!!

  • Joke

    To paraphrase Voltaire:

    “I may not have any bloody idea what this is all about, but I’ll defend to the death your right to be a groupie.”

    Or something.


  • h&b

    I used to run into Tony Martin and Mick Molloy when buying lunch all the time when they had their radio show together.

    Definately not sigh-inducing though 😉

  • Surfing Free

    Wooo – how cool! When ever I am in the company of famous people I go completely overboard pretending I am not at all impressed by their famousness …. and while I’m making a point of looking away I miss all of the action. So I wouldn’t be getting autographs either but I would be checking which direction Symonds left in 😀

  • Surfing Free

    Oh, and did you know that Glenn McGrath owns a cafe in Lane Cove? I’ve been there once or twice (for the good coffee, you understand) and he’s been there both times 🙂 Now that is a yummy example of Aussie cricket’s finest!! Now that I think about it I have a notion that he part owns the cafe with one of the Wiggles … not sure where I got that idea from and it may be completely wrong, but it somehow tickles me fancy.

  • meggie


  • Kim

    BB – Andrew Symonds is an ABSOLUTE hottie – AND he has had an amazing entry into the test side. Highly regarded as a one-day series specialist, this Ashes series he just blew everyone’s (including his own) expectations out of the water.

    There is something so engaging about a nice guy proving his stripes.

    And man, his eyes were that ice-blue – the sort that on seeing them kind of makes you gasp.

  • Kim

    Megsy – COME ON!

    SF – Campese owns a coffee store as well, but he’s so freakin’ arrogant it gets tiresome. George Gregan owns a number of cafes in Sydney’s CBD, but I’ve never seen him being a barista.

    Somehow connecting Glenn McGrath with the Wiggles doesn’t seem that unrealistic.

  • Kim

    I tell you what though – visit and all you’ll ask yourself is WHY OH WHY did they not get hair and makeup in for the photoshoots?