So you all know

my life and holiday has not been the total shitheap I inferred the other day, it has come to the party in the last few days to try and redeem itself.

Today me and the boys hung out with my SIL and her two sproggets, one of which is only one month old, today! I had the magic touch with her as she is definitely related to Felix and tends to be quite cranky. I sorted her out tootsweet and she showed her appreciation by doing her biggest poo to date. I was quite proud. It also was beneficial for me in lessening the whole angst of going back to a newborn.

Then we swung by a friends place from mother’s group. Another friend from mother’s group was also present and we marvelled at the fact we have now almost known each other for 9 years (since our first borns were six weeks old). Anyway, this friend? She cooks too, but she is also from Malaysia, and her Mum was over, and cooking. Think sambal, think curry etc. While we missed lunch :(((((, my delightful friend gave me a tub of homemade sambal to bring home. It is addictive in its sophisticated heat. I have some, my body goes – enough! – but mere minutes later I am called back for the fishy-heaty goodness. PLUS they gave me advice and strategies for all my various petty grievances. Such GOOD friends!

Tonight I rearranged the boys bedroom, moving an antique chair (but recovered in ugly black vinyl by some relative decades ago, so covered with a damask doona cover until that disposable income makes itself apparent) from our room to theirs – as the reading chair (part of my new years resolutions – to read more to the boys). They LOVE it and are duly excited.

The Christmas tree finally came down yesterday and the back room has returned to some semblance of order. Nice.

Some shots of the last few days:

OK, Chef has just channel flicked to a show on SBS called “Love me, love my doll”. I am seriously stunned. It’s about men and their mannequins. I’ve just witnessed a scene of a guy shoving a toilet brush up a dolls vagina, saying in a very perfunctory manner, “Yeah, she’s starting to smell like fish”, then removing the brush with, well, YOU GET THE PICTURE.

Another guy sent his doll in for a makeover – he told of how he’d tried to date “organic” women, but preferred to avoid the bizarreness, along with other aspects, of being with a human.

Is Ellen DeGeneres the most sunny happy person on television?
Further to the weird tingling/numb/stiff/sore hands, yes, carpal tunnel is common in pregnancy, but normally right at the end. Oh GOODY. At week 15 I can’t make a fist, I can hardly wait to see what state I’m in by week FREAKING 40.

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  • Joke

    Those doll guys? They make me happy to have an arsenal at my disposal and no daughters to accidentally marry them.


  • h&b

    More pretend wives at It’s freaky, although I do think positioning the men real dolls on the couch drinking beer oh-so-casually is hilarious.

    But eurgh. really. creepy.

    Ellen DeGeneres. I just don’t get that show, it seems so lame-arse, and there’s Ellen, trying to perk it up with jaw-tightening fear.

    Well, that’s how I see it anyway, but it gets ratings apparently, so I must be in the minority.

  • Kim

    H&B – I’m so with you – I don’t get it either. There are interviews but they are so short and nothing actually ever seems to be said. But the dancing? And the lock-jaw-fear humour? is kind of compelling.

  • Stomper Girl

    Love your little beach babies. Those one-piece UV suits are so cute.

  • meggie

    Ellen blahblah.
    As to the ‘doll guys’?
    Think of the old meaning of GUY.

  • Hannelie

    Oh, first time I meet your kiddies, they are so sweet! During my pregnancy I had sore wrists, apparently also common, but I have found driving difficult and still struggles with my wrists now 2 years later 🙁
    good luck!

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    I am making your sweet potato rosti this week to go with home made meat pies (large muffin pan size) and minted peas: approve?

  • Kim

    Bec – very much so. I LOVE homemade meat pies – do you go chunky or do you use mince? I like either.