Happy New Year ‘n that

Well, it’s 1 January.

I had a SHITE day yesterday. I’ve woken up in much better spirits, maybe due to some lovin’ from Chef last night but I can hear you all gagging over there and it’s not due to the hangover, so I’ll stop there. I was asleep by 11.30 and that is a good NYE to me.

Also, the brother, his daughter and my mother haven’t descended unannounced and uninvited yet, hence to happy spirits.

Today it s absolutely bucketing down. My favourite weather ever.

2007 is bringing us a new baby, new challenges and hopefully many new wonderful experiences. May it bring all you hope for as well.


Oh, the adoption story, I got bored, I’ll continue in due course.

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  • Suse

    Happy new year to you, and here’s to rain! It’s raining here too!

  • Hannelie

    Whow, what can I say after reading some of your posts again today.
    Life turned out ok! How do you feel?
    Would you have wanted her to keep you? Congrats on becomming mum again, we wanted 4, tried for awhile, nothing happened and then decided 3 will do. Happy New year to you all, I wish it will rain in Perth too!

  • Kim

    Hey Hannelie – I currently feel tired and emotional. My normal state of being is one of frustration, exasperation and entrapment with a subtext of sunny disposition, humour and realising just how lucking I am.

    Answer to second question – no.

    The joy of three is that you can get away with not having to drive a minivan.