Baking: one slack tart

Well, wasn’t that a fizzer of an end to NaBlaPoMo. So sorry for my silence for the past two days, I’ve been fighting off a flu which put me to bed on Wednesday night, then last night Killer took me to see Priscilla, which I thought would be pretty naf but was actually fantastic. The costumes were spectacular, the music and singing sensational and the blokes hot. For those of us used to seeing Nick Hardcastle hosting Creature Features, he has a serious lust-body matched by remarkable talent. He has proved for me at least that he is indeed a Triple Treat*.
Anyway, apart from thoroughly enjoying myself, I was feeling pretty crook and didn’t get home until about 11.30.
So –
29 November – warm and sunny that shifted to cool and overcast. There was a thick fog in the morning, which did the most bizarre re-enactment of War of The Worlds did this weird thing of then joining with a southerly and literally racing across the sky with this black swirling clouds and raging wind. Quite incredible.

30 November – cool.

THE FREAKIN’ END of weather reports – AMEN.

* Several weeks ago, an article in The Australian was talking about how Hugh Jackman is a Triple Threat in the industry – i.e. he can act, sing and dance. Some idiot sub – operating from their standard base of arrogance and thinking they are some form of genetically superior form of journalist, didn’t ask the journo about the term, but instead altered it so it read that Hugh Jackman was a Triple Treat. Alan Jones picked it up and for the duration of his morning show referred to Hugh as a Triple Treat. Nice.