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today I felt the baby move.
I see this as a blessing, as up until this point I haven’t really felt pregnant, just tired, cranky, sleepless (yes this is a feeling), emotional, teary, emotional, tired, sleepless, I’ve just been scared shitless about how a. we have no money, b. we are going to need a bigger car, c. we can’t afford a bigger car, d. GOD I HATE living with my mother, e. we have no money, f. how the hell are we going to manage this, repeat in finitum to the end of the alphabet and over again.
Felix dances like me. This is worrying. Although on second thoughts of how his father dances, a true blessing indeed.
Jasper is such a drooling snot factory at the moment I’ve resorted to him constantly wearing bibs and simply wiping his nose on it rather than constantly seeking out tissues. Yep. White trash and proud.
If Oscar says to “Ogga eat” to me one more time I may well slaughter one of the other children and serve on toast and be done with it. Seriously, the child can eat. And eat. And eat.
Every day I have been on holidays I have had at least one 10-minute catnaps on the lounge. The record is three, the longest was for an hour.
I remembered the other day, that when I was young, I used to virtually live in our next door neighbours house (they were like grandparents to me). When their daughter was over (an elocution teacher I used to see as well) with her children, I would sneak in the front door, sneak upstairs, wake up the baby, sneak back down and then walk out into the kitchen at the back of the house and tell J the neighbour that the baby was awake – so I could cuddle and play with them. I’m being serious. How naughty is that. Only now, on having children, do I realise just how woeful this is. I have to restrain myself from walloping my own children if they wake a sleeping baby. The fact I did this every single week their daughter was visiting makes me love them even more – in that they never held me to account over this remarkable coincidence every.single.week.
We went to the Fox (now with it’s own website!) for dinner last night with friends. There’d been a massive downpour/thunderstorm that afternoon/evening so we had free reign – in one of the most busy kids parks on the peninsula, to not have to queue for the flying fox was AWESOME. Apparently. Needless to say, the boys were soaked from playing in the rain/subsequent puddles-lakes but really, quintessential childhood memories to be had, colds be damned.
I can’t remember where I was going with this story. Sorry.
The 2006 Edingburgh Military Tattoo is on the tele in the background as I type. I love bagpipes. LOVE. One (just one mind you) of the reasons I really really really want my boys to go to Knox is in the vain hope one of them will join the pipe band and play bagpipes. (I know, I KNOW – we can’t afford a bloody mini-van, we live with my mother, as IF we’d ever be able to afford private school fees for FOUR FREAKIN’ children! Let it go Kim, let it go.)
The Top Secret Drum Corps were amazing.
GOD I’m morphing into a senior citizen.
OK, it’s off now, some dude is singing the theme song from The Lion King. GAWWWWWN.
OHMYGOD American Splendor is on SBS, I LOVED THIS movie/docu-drama/whatever-it-is-you call those movies.
Maybe we’ll call it Harvey if it’s a boy.
Seriously, any boys names you guys have hanging around – throw them our way.
Chef has taken to calling the baby Colin, which is making me nervous. Felix wants to call him Saxon, Oscar has chosen Max (which is a frontrunner) and I like Grover.
Yes, I’m just trying to accumulate kids with dog names or start my own Muppets/Sesame Street sideshow.
So boys names, bring them on.
I really feel like mushy peas, mash and gravy from Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Really.
So grim am I feeling about our financial plight, I read this and seriously think it is a solution…
That is all.

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  • h&b

    Happy New Year’s Eve, Kim !

    I love your jump-to-topic style .. but all in all, everything sounds positive to me. Love all the boy’s names, except Colin. No.

  • h&b

    P.S. – Just took a look at that Flying Fox Cafe.

    A cafe with a flying fox ?

    Too awesome by far.

  • daysgoby

    But you MUST have a girl this time – you have the very best boys names already!

    Congrats on feeling the babe move – that’s so neat!

  • Kim

    Yes the cafe is fabulous. It is positioned right next to an amazing gated kids park (with areas for all ages), big bike track, picnic area, dog park while also being situated on Pittwater. Stunning.

    Yeah, Colin is a joke (sorry to the colins out there) but its entered our vernacular so deeply I’m worried it’s nickname is going to be Col.

    Days – I agree – kind of. I’m a bit scared of having a girl but get these glimpses of the girls clothing sections at the shops and go all gooey.

    I’m not sure in hindsight it was the baby. There has been quite an impressive bean consumption of late and it might, ah, have been that.

    I know, I’m one classy chick.

  • nutmeg

    The requests for food are getting a little full on over our way too. Not from the firstborn, unfortunately – who eats like a bird (ballerina in the making you think?). No, it’s from the just turned two year old – “When’s dinner time mum?” Fully constructed sentence and all!

    As to the Military tattoo – I thought I was the only person under 75 years of age watching! I LOVE IT. I went to the Anzac Tattoo at Homebush this year and the Tattoo at Aussie stadium the year before. I did I say I LOVE them! I blame my Scottish heritage…well I got to find something!

    Best wishes for 2007 to you and all your family, Kim.