Festive rundown

I started a whole post about the lead-up to Christmas, the frantic last minute cooking, the not-such-a-hit Christmas Eve supper, the onslaught of the worst hay-fever on record which has developed (i.e. masked) into a fully-fledged cold with runny/sore nose, sore throat/cough, itchy mouth, scratchy eyes, itchy/achy ears, a chronic predisposition to crying which is even boring me and so on and so forth, but even I was bored by it, and we all know how much I love hearing myself whinge/moan/gnash teeth over the minutae of my boring as bat-shit life.

So I decided on a pictorial review.

But then Blogger decided to be SO slow.

So I got nothin.

Christmas was lovely, the time since a mix of absolutely delightful moments being with the boys to chunks of irritation, illness and domestic drudgery. So not really different to my normal life I suppose.

I will leave you, however, with the shrine to my husband’s masculinity. Built after a full day of work, a wee while entertaining (and drinking), in the dark and under a light drizzle of rain. This was taken Christmas morning, and the sheer gob-smacked wonderment of our children on seeing it, was worth every swear word uttered the night before.

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  • house-n-baby

    Oh my !

    Gotta git me one’o’them !

    Oh yes …

    ( looks fabulous, and again, I love your yard )

  • Kim

    It’s way cool. I had the first jump (at 11.45pm on Christmas Eve)… until I started to feel ill. Something so liberating about doing something you did as a kid for hours for oh, three minutes.

  • Kim

    Our backyard is a disaster – the grass has all but given up so it’s just a dirt/sandy mess. The boys hardly use the cubby house (which I painted – and MY GOD – never AGAIN). The sandpit is currently getting a good workout, which is great.

    Our nextdoor neighbours have the same size yard and have an absolute lush oasis. Mum is so envious.

  • h&b

    Ok .. have been doing some online investigating ( for a mid-year b’day ). Is this a “Springfree” brand, or a cheaper rip-off ?

    Coz the “SpringFree” ones are so mucho expensivo, but the cheaper ripoffs i’ve seen don’t look so safe, which kinda defeats the purpose…

  • Kim

    No, it’s the exy Springfree version – the others are simply a normal trampoline with a net around them – so kids can still fall on/through the springs, which kind of defeated the purpose for us. Oscar doing any sort of damage to his legs/hips was not worth it.

    BUT, that is why it came from Grandmama, Nana and Grandpa and us.

    And I figure, four kids = minimum 15 year lifespan, which works out at 100 bucks a year, and I could justify that!

    We got the new oval shape – the small round was too small and the big round too massive.