the meeting was ‘fine’. I feel it best left at that so as not to Dooce myself.

I don’t really feel like eating anything, but when I do it’s normally things like rice crackers with Kraft Cream Cheese spread or Philly with sweet chilli sauce. I know, bizarre and somewhat horrifying. I also crave sausage rolls, and those big square rice crackers. If I come out of this pregnancy alive I will be nothing if not f.a.t.

People, in general, just piss me off.

Yeah I know, I just glow with peace, love and harmony when I’m pregnant.

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  • meggie

    I SO KNOW how you feel!!

  • nutmeg

    Oh Kim, I hope you can get a little peace and rest over Christmas Day and beyond. Incredibly busy and pregnant – a difficult mix.

    As to Sydney real estate – it’s beyond a joke… (enough of that crappy subject!)

    I’m here to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and beyond. I’m going to be AWOL for a week or so – but I’ll be thinking of you when I serve up the slow cooked tomatoes on Christmas Day – so if you feel a little shiver that will be me – also hoping it’s going well for you too 🙂 See you next year – take care.