Is there a better reason

to break a silence than to report on a remarkable wish come true?

You see, this afternoon I was thinking, “I really want to catch-up on some classic films – and ideally – Funny Girl, but you know Barefoot in the Park would be fine, or any Doris Day flick or indeed a Katherine Hepburn, but not an intense one, a fun one …” as so on and so forth.

So, I’m sitting here and what is on the Biography channel?


That is all.

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  • Anonymous

    I love Funny Girl. And Funny Lady. I sing Streisand around the house when I don’t think anyone is listening. I just don’t do her justice. I saw the DVD on sale for a ridiculously low sum, turned my head, got sidetracked, went back for it and it was gone. Why can’t I just concentrate on one thing at a time?

    Don’t think I get the Biography channel. I could also go a bit of Mary Tyler Moore at the moment!

  • Anonymous

    If I comment on Streisand that would be the gay-est thing I would have ever done!
    However, if it’s a classic you want: “What’s up, Doc” – now that’s a laugh. Damn, did I just comment?

  • Anonymous

    Lucky you!

    I would like one of my little wishes to come true!

  • Anonymous

    I’d be off to buy a lottery ticket…

    And, um,
    What’s New?