Am bored

so taking a break from here for a while.
A while could be a day, it could be a couple, it could be a week or more.
I’m kinda fickle like that at the moment.
I will be back, but am bored, over it and getting kinda narky over nothing, so figure I need some time away from it.

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  • meggie

    Well…. bugger! I really like reading you Kim.
    Take all the time you need, -I will keep checking on you.

  • Jonathan

    Double bugger.

    (that sounds like a weird deviant injury, doesn’t it)…

    I like reading your blog too…

  • mad muthas

    i fear that may be christmas spirit kicking in, darlin’
    lie down in a darkened room for a while …

  • Anonymous

    I understand the feeling too well 🙂 I’m taking an enforced break (moving house). I hope to come back refreshed and revitalised. I hope a break does you good too.

  • Joke

    Well, poo.


  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    See you back when inspiration strikes.

    Meantime, what are our chances of a quick eat city lunch before Xmas? I’m in work-relax mode after the 20th…

  • nutmeg

    Kim, I NEED your slow cooked tomatoes and balsamic vinegar recipe and you’ve retired hurt for a while!

    But I know what you mean; sometimes this blogging thing is a double edged sword.

    I am off to search for the recipe; I hope I find it as I’ve promised to cook over the Christmas period for my sister. I may have to e-mail you if I can’t find it. I did print it out before…AAAAGH!

    Hope to see you back soon.

  • nutmeg

    And before you say “Self serving whatchamacallit…!” I was also here to read your unpredictable but highly addictive blog 🙂

  • Kim

    All my recipes are indexed at the very bottom of the page – so just keep on scrolling until the very bottom and they’re all there!

    And you’re all too lovely.

    Bec – lunch sounds good – can we do noodles/laksa at that place we went to last time?

    And I’ll probably be back tomorrow after my extensive hiatus to bitch and moan and fish for sympathy as my CVS, my THIRD CVS, because JESUS Chef’s sperm can swim, is tomorrow at 10.15am.

  • Suse

    Bloody hell, a third cvs?

    As I said elsewhere, take care …