Joke asked after my crappy afternoon/evening yesterday if I get a do-over, and lo, it came to pass.

Today I turn 34.

This morning I was woken by Felix rummaging through a box of lego. Ahhh, the sweet sound of morning.

Then I had one of those quintessential parenting moments – one of the ones that makes you think, I’m so glad my life is full of this love, chaos and noise – as opposed to one of the ones like yesterday when I got weeed on in public so effectively it made me look like I’d wet my own pants, rather than by someone else, which on writing was maybe a bit more palatable. Anyway, I digress. The moment when all of your offspring descend on you in bed when you’re still trying to wake up and work out what day it is.

There were chocolates (Lindt milk chocolate balls and Bacis) and homemade cards, lots of kisses, hugs and general flattery to try and get me to give up my chocolates to them then and there, or maybe in their lunchbox.

And that, is the best do-over ever.

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  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday! Those sweet little voices, those kisses and cuddles are what makes it all worthwhile …. so enjoy them until you get peed on again 😉

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!

    I’m so glad that today turned out better than yesterday.

  • julia

    Happy birthday!! Sounds like a lovely start to the day.

  • meggie

    So glad you got your ‘do over’!

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Stomper Girl

    Happy Birthday. Hope the spoiling carries on for a while.

  • Joke



  • h&b

    Happy Birthday !

    Sounds delightful ( especially the choccies .. or is that especially the kids ? 😉

    Here’s to not being wee’d on !


  • nutmeg

    Happy, happy birthday. 34. A spring chicken!

    I was glad to read that someone else wakes up in the morning and thinks, well what day is it today? There is an upside; when you remember it’s a weekend day!

    I’ve been there with the weeing episode (though I didn’t have to travel home on a bus without the special bottle). It nearly made me take an extra pants around for me 🙂

  • Suse

    Happy birthday you wee young thing, you.

  • Anonymous

    Happy B’day JJ. Hope it was a wee-ly nice day. Happy 34!

  • Jonathan

    You will be pleased to note that you are older than me for the next three months, after which point you can point out how much more mature you are than me even though we share the same age…

  • sueeeus

    Happy belated birthday! You are YOUNG!!! Best wishes 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I missed your Birthday!
    You Young Thang.
    34 is still a child. Really. Barely over puberty.