My sister-in-law had a baby girl yesterday.
A pink one! We went for a visit tonight.
She’s TINY (3.2kg – Jasper was 4.2, Felix 4.3 and her son 4.6kg!) and incredibly fair.
Her husband is half-Chinese are their son has the most divine olive skin, black hair and dark eyes.
Not only have they produced a pink one, she’s got fair hair and blue eyes! Ain’t genetics amazing.

Isn’t it wondrous having a new little person in the clan.
Last night I watched March of the Penguins. I think the script was a bit forced, but the footage, and what they would have had to go through to compile it, and the story itself were remarkable and incredibly touching.
I am in that zone of exhaustion where you physically feel ill and have thoughts of just sitting down in the middle of busy city footpaths as you just can’t go on. It turns out at 11 weeks Colin, as we’ve nicknamed the sprogget (apologies to all Colins out there, but the Nigels have had enough of a hard time), is having a massive growth spurt and so I should feel extremely tired. I love it when I am complete textbook.
You know, when you’re pushing maximum density and then embark on your fourth pregnancy, you look about 5 months pregnant when you’re not even three. Nice.

I can only imagine the rumours starting to circulate at work. All the people who need to know do, one of which let their head hit the table when I told them. It was pretty funny and kind of flattering (in that they were pretty upset I was pregnant again because that means another round of maternity leave and GOD knows what that does to the spreadsheets).
I’m still really stressed about our financials and they haven’t improved.
I’m still waiting for someone to give me a complete rundown on the series of Lost because I just can’t commit to watching however many episodes there are to understand why a) there was a polar bear on a tropical island, b) what was that buried submarine/spaceship/bunker thing and c) do they ever get saved or do the cute ones start breeding in some sweet homage to Blue Lagoon?

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