Day 25 – Glorious

I realised that yesterday, while I posted, I forgot to give you a weather update.
The myriad inquiries* from you all made me realise just how much you all depend on it for your daily mood rating.
It was overcast and rained for much of the day, then did that awful humid/muggy thing, then fined to quite a lovely afternoon.
Today was stunning. It was around 30C, blue skies and just delightful.
This morning was the boys’ cousin’s birthday – only Chef and Felix went as Jasper has conjunctivitis and Oscar had a low-grade temp and headache (that cleared to nothing by lunchtime). It gave me some breathing space to prepare the pies and tarts I was making for this afternoon’s thanksgiving gathering at the Doodles’.
I made the glaze for the ham, a pecan pie with Joke’s filling (it was magnificent) and a custard tart, that was sublime. Recipes will be up tomorrow. Maybe. I also made proper gravy for the turkey, which was sensational, if I might say so myself.
I’d post pictures, but they’re on the camera I left at their place.
I’d unload pics from my phone camera, but we got home at around 9pm (9pm!) and my Dad rang, to inform me some lovely person had found my phone and called him as the home number wasn’t answering.
Yeah, welcome to first trimester peoples. This has been going on for weeks.
In other news …
I was the phone-a-friend friend for Muzbot and Judo today as they took part in AdventureMax – it was so fun to feel like I was helping in some small way. And next year, oh, next year I’ll have a 5 month old, so maybe the year after (because boobage people, boobage issues impede my physical abilities) I want to do it.
Inspired by Joke, while it certainly isn’t an Australian celebration, the things I am thankful for include:
– wonderful friends such as my best friend from school, Kirrily, who after we spoke the other week, sent me** an early birthday*** present of a massive box of fresh fruit and vegetables, including: apples, pears, oranges, rockmelon, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum – red and green, zucchini, broccoli, new potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.
– wonderful friends such as J and K who today told me that my facial and pedicure I’d booked for my birthday, that I’d cancelled because of our financial issues, were back on because they were giving them to me as a birthday present****.
– For Chef, who just grows and grows in his roles of husband and father – and who still loves me, even though I’m as mad as a cut snake.
– For my children, who take my breath away and make my heart ache more than they make me vile with rage and dumbstruck with frustration. And who love me regardless of how cranky I am when I get home from work.
– For this little sprogget growing inside, who has quite frankly freaked me out way more than I ever would have anticipated but who will make our family unit complete.
– and for this place, my little realm of the web, and the people it has let me ‘meet’ that I now can’t imagine my life without.

* none.
** she and her family live at Narromine, about 8 hours north-west inland of Sydney.
*** 8 December peoples, write it down.
**** as I said, 8 December peoples, get it on that calendar.