Day 23 – not as hot

I think it was high 20s today.
The cricket has started – the Ashes series, so that is the end of any coherent sentence out of any man I know for the next few days, then some respite and then complete sporting tragic behaviour once more. We turned on some glorious weather for it all.
Apparently it’s going to pour soon as Mum’s back and knees are really sore.
Nothing else to report really, just another day.

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  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    it was 3 for 217 as I packed up to leave work early today.

    The bloke next to me at work was almost struck dumb with my brilliance at quoting the score to a third person.

    you’d think I’d invented sliced bread.

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    (I don’t care who wins: I just want one of the English batsmen to whack one really hard, straight down the pitch into Shane Warne’s balls.)

  • Kim

    I just want all of the smug Australian bastards whacked in the balls. The arrogance, the sledging, the attitude – it’s just not cricket.

    It’s quite fun isn’t it – seeing male work mates finding you attractive purely because you read something sporting out loud from the SMH website. OH THE POWER