Day 22 – far out brussel sprout

in the 30s again, 60 bushfires burning across the state, 10 out of control. All night you could smell bushfires. This morning – and all day – the sky has been a hazy shade of smoky beige and the air, even in the middle of the city smells of bushfires. The winds have been amazing, which kind of figures.
You know how most afternoons nights you get home from work and you’re tired, cranky, and irritable? And you have this tone of trying to sound interested and all Mary Poppins, but everyone knows you’re just Cruella in a fake fur coat? And that after you’ve yelled at the kids, got them into bed, told them you’re coming back to read a story/sing a song when you know full well you’re not and the guilt settles in like a impenetrable fog? Well tonight, I didn’t have one of those.

Tonight I got home, we all went over to the beach. The boys swam and played in the water, dug in the sand, and we just hung out as a family. And we were all happy, until Felix found a two-pronged stem thingy off one of the pine trees, Chef made an inappropriate reference to whipping and me, so he naturally whipped Oscar with it, which resulted in it being confiscated and well, the tears that resulted were the tears of a small school boy having got through a long hot day of school, a long afternoon and too fun at the beach.

The end.

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  • Anonymous

    Your fires are all over our news. I’m sorry for all of you. We had that burn baby, burn 2 summers ago.

    Once in a Blue Moon we have a day where NoBody Cries. I think they can be counted on one hand.

  • Surfing Free

    I think the secret to overcoming, or at least postponing, the afternoon post-work and school irritable-ness is to do something outside the house. It’s fine in theory.
    Well done to you for trying and I’m sure they had fun before the tears arrived 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I think there is a certain something about being knackered. At least if you are wiped out, you know you did something to get that way.

    There is also the thought that your children will look back in many years time, and say “we have have no idea how Mom did it”

  • Joke

    Rather than shouting, have you considered a voodoo doll of everyone?