Day 21 – it’s hot Hot HOT

33C today! 33!
I hate hot weather.
The way it makes my hair go limp, stringy and oily
The way it makes my skin become an unstruck oil-field
The chafing

But today, today was hot and I was in air-conditioning.
Jasper (and Chef) survived their first day at home together – you should have seen the little guy when I got home – OH to be so loved.

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  • Joke

    It was 33C three days ago here. And it’s AUTUMN here.


  • Surfing Free

    God! I hate hot weather as well. My ideal temperature would be about 10-15 degrees … cool enough to have to wear a jumper but not so cold you can’t bear to go outside. But over the 30’s and it just gets silly!!!

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    Sorry. L.U.R.V.E. the heat.

    Blissfully happy.

    Gas heater is finally under its stripey summer disguise as stereo bench.

    Jumpers are packed (at last!!) in top of new BI wardrobes.

    We’ve even promised the kids they can have the Xmas tree up on 1 December this year instead of waiting til the 20th as usual.

    Anything to make summer longer, stronger, brighter.

    Bring it on.