Day 19 – lovely again

yeah, sorry about the bulk late postings.
Friday I fell asleep in Felix’s bed again.
Saturday Blogger wouldn’t let me in.
And today, today I just don’t feel like talking that much.

It was a lovely day. mid-20s. it came over weird and kinda overcast late this afternoon, but who knows.

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  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge


    Do Mark and Kyle and Marcia come around an evict you from the whole NaNaNeeNaNah thing now?

    Or what?

    I think it’s true.

    It’s more fun Outside the House.

  • Kim

    I’m hoping the excuse of being on the edge of a complete breakdown is a good enough excuse.

    And if blogger wasn’t so fucked I would only have one day to be recalcitrant for.

  • Joke

    Something tells me the added pressure of NaNooNaNoo isn’t, y’know, all that useful.


  • Suse

    Yep. The minute I said “hey have you all noticed I’ve posted every single November day so far?”, I collapsed and couldn’t do it anymore.

  • Joke

    Suse, same thing happened to me, only I did it to show Badger I wouldn’t be bossed around. Well, not by someone else’s wife, at any rate.