Day 16 – freezing with high winds and rain

the heading says it all. I was thankful to be working from home today. It was only 15C – in mid November!
Anyway, that is all today, it’s late (i’m only just making it in!) as I’ve been to possibly the most boring event dinner in history.
As Bec would say:

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  • Joke

    Dammit, I hate suspense.


  • Muzbot

    Hard to believe how cold it was. It only got to 12 on Observatory hill, so yes, it was a good day to be working from home.

  • nutmeg

    Have just read a week and half of posts and was sorry to have missed adding my thoughts and well wishes at the time. So here I am to say it now. Financial stuff is always stressful and having kids thrown into the mix just makes it harder. I’m not cheering you up here at all am I? Anyway, I here warmer weather is on the way; maybe its time for this to be reflected in your life as it seems to have been following the current patterns exceptionally closely! Best wishes.

  • Suse


    I win.

  • Anonymous

    How can it be warmer in London in November than it is in Sydney?

    We got up to 15 on Wednesday – positively balmy & tells ya…