Day 15 – yet another mixed bag

This morning was absolutely stunning. It was warm, it was sunny. By late this afternoon the wind had picked up, there was a mighty impressive storm out to see with clouds so black they were blue and it was BLOODY freezing.

My mood kinda lifted a bit today. There were some resolutions at work (kinda) and I tried to calm down about the financial screwing of 2006.

Thank you for all your wonderful words of support. We have been here before (perhaps that is why it unhinged me so swiftly) and I know we will be OK “in the end” but when “in the end” is nowhere in sight, when Christmas is 40 days away, when there were already other things at play that are going to change our world exponentially we were trying to grapple with, it is seriously seriously SUCKFUL.

Jasper has cut his fourth tooth in a month, so now he has four top teeth and two little bottle toothy-pegs. The kid makes my heart ache in his all-encompassing gorgeousness. Oscar has resumed waking at 5.14am – GOD I hate daylight saving. Felix is growing up – it is blowing my mind.

I watched Murderball tonight and BALLED my eyes out. OH MY GOD.

And Bec, the idea to eat the dogs? Not bad. Not bad at all.

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  • Joke

    Have you considered eating dingo? That way you could say “The baby ate my dingo.”


  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    YOu know, I had this comment all worked out.

    Then I read Joke.

    Whatever I had, it’s gone.

  • Vicky

    Hey, just read your comment on Amalah’s blog about living with your Mum and I wanted to come over and lend my support, sympathy and also say “me too honey, ME TOO!” We have lived with my parents for far too many years and the skies aren’t looking too clear in the near future for us getting out of this situation. Bah!

    Sorry to read about your financial suckitude also. Have you considered a new career in robbing banks? I have.

  • Kim

    Funnily enought, I am yet to turn to thinking of crime as a solution. I’m sure it’s only a few days or unpaid bills away.

  • Kim

    that would be enough, as opposed to enought – a form of enough when you’re pissed off.

    And Joke – dingo tastes just like chicken but is pretty stringy.

  • Joke

    I’m going to light a candle for you guys at Mass on Sunday. But not for the dingo(es) who deserve to be eaten by all the world’s babies.

    I’ll come up with a recipe for shredded Dingo Granny Pants.


    P.S. It’s a gift, really.

  • Jonathan

    “Suckful”. Now there’s a great word that I must try to use in conversation.

  • Anonymous

    J has just cut her first molar… and was a major grouch about it so I’m glad that your little one is being gorgeous for you.

  • momslo

    Kim, I’m just catching up, sorry to hear about all the financial stress-as my hubs is owner of his own business, I know the ups and downs- there will be more ups but even though we know that- it doesn’t make the downs easier-wish it wasn’t that way. Hang in there.

    Cute little guy and his cute little teeth-gosh… I miss that!

    Take care of yourself-momslo