Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Nick ::of time
  2. Focus ::your mind
  3. Police ::boat
  4. Miles ::away
  5. Earn ::your keep
  6. Twice ::your size
  7. Razor ::sharp
  8. Personality ::disorder
  9. Dumped ::in the ocean
  10. Reliable ::salesman

Why not play too?

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  • mad muthas

    police – boat? how extraordinary! do you live near the sea?

  • mad muthas

    oh yeah – sydney. silly me!

  • Jonathan

    This reminds me of the pad I have on my desk – a “procrastinator” pad… it has this kind of thing running down the margin of every page…

  • Kim

    Indeed MM, we even had a TV series called Water Rats which was about the Water Police.

  • Kim

    J – I want that procrastinator pad. In fact, I should probably get one for Suse as well.