Today was spectacular. It was about 28C, stunning sunshine, wondrous blue sky and exactly what was needed.

I got four loads of washing dried on the line, looked after FIVE children for over EIGHT hours and remembered it was Remembrance Day and remembered those that have died for our country.

The Doodles were moving today, so I had offered to take the offspring so J and B could move in piece. I ended up with two of them – I had all these plans then realised we wouldn’t all fit in the car. But I needn’t have worried, they were all amazing – they played outside, inside, in the sandbox, the cubbyhouse, in the boys room, in the backroom. There wasn’t ONE fight, not one. I planned for us all to take the dogs for a walk – but seriously, when do you interrupt happily playing children?

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  • Anonymous

    Have a listen to the Remembrance podcast on iTunes or on the Royal British Legion blog. It’s a good way to remember.

  • Lazy cow

    You NEVER interrupt happily playing children. You quietly pour yourself a drink and lie down on the couch, and pray it never ends.

  • Anonymous

    I was at the children’s hosptial with G at 11am (weekly physio session) when “the last post” came blaring out of the loudspeaker followed by “the” poem… I found myself surprisingly moved. It was a good way to remember.