Today …

there was good news from a friend about their health that made tears spring constantly throughout the day.
the big horse race was on. I spent $4 and won nothing.
Mum bought Felix a “Force Field Room Alarm” through the book club.

So tonight, when I had to go in and pull Oscar’s covers up over him, I had to commando crawl into their room so as not to set off the alarm.

And no I’m not joking.
Someone pointed out to me today that I have an overload of empathy but a deficit on compassion. She was right.
There are good and bad things about having your mother teach at your sons school.

Finding out he TOPPED HIS CLASS in his maths test today was in the good camp.

Finding out he was sent to the Infants Principal last week because he was naughty for the substitute maths teacher last week, does not.

Having her just offer up her advice on how I should manage it – all cloaked in not telling me how I should parent my child – well, most of you know which camp that falls in.

There are reasons my compassion gland underperforms.

It’s called self-preservation.

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  • daysgoby

    I like that – compassion gland -must use that!

    And the toy? Put some questionable batteries in it. Sooner or later, it’ll stop working.

  • mad muthas

    well – that sounds like a pretty interesting day. i’d have paid good money to see you crawl under that force field thing!

  • sueeeus

    Commando crawl!!! I love it!

  • meggie

    Isnt it odd that family sometimes say things that no stranger in sane mind, would ever DARE to say.

    After I had spent a fortune getting my teeth bonded, & thought they looked really nice, my mother, after a visit from my sister & a woman cousin, said;
    “You girls, with your ugly teeth! Why dont you all get them out, & get false ones?” Of course the others were not present by then, so I swallowed the lot!

  • Jonathan

    Excellent post. The note about hearing news that caused tears made me wobble a bit – but that’s because I’m the softest person I know 🙂

  • Muzbot

    So, where can I get one of those room alarms? I’d love to secretly plant a few of those around the house.
    com·pas·sion –
    Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.
    I know you have a stack of compassion.

  • nutmeg

    I missed yesterday’s post. Had a good laugh at your “flipperty gibbets” comment. Too true. But I think I’m a little of jealous of their unencumbered lifestyle. Just a little bit. Sometimes!

  • Suse

    Lovely mental image of you commando crawling across the children’s bedroom.

    Did you put a bush on your head and charcoal on your cheeks?

  • Kim

    turns out Felix didn’t have to go to the principal. I’m unsure how I misinterpreted “Felix has been a bit naughty lately and had to go to L C’s office.”, but as you all know, it’s clearly my fault.

  • h&b

    Love the force-field story ! 🙂