Day 6 – rain, cold and breaking through

This morning was cold. Today was cold. It also rained for much of the morning. Then this afternoon, there were glimpses of blue sky. The air was still cool.

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  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge



    I got nothin’.

    Even the doorbitch word verif is unamusing.

  • meggie

    Pathces of Blue- & Yay! we got all our washing dry!!

    WV ldazybzg!
    I quite agree!

  • kookyknut

    i am really over this crappy weather too, but it was a great day for chucking a sickie yesterday.. if you are into that sort of thing 🙂

  • Muzbot

    Jj… is this another award winning post?

  • Tasmiya

    I’m jealous. I’m definitely not a Summer person (what am I doing in QLD??). Rain and 12^C max is my idea of bliss.

  • Kim

    You know what. This dissing me on my own blog? Is enough. That’s all.