unconcious mutterings and other stuff

  1. Theft :: violation
  2. Storage :: solutions
  3. Pick :: a winner
  4. Los Angeles :: whore
  5. The one :: and only
  6. Accent :: uate your mind
  7. Rivalry :: of the soul
  8. Process :: driven
  9. Streets :: of shame
  10. Museum :: dust

You can play too!

I really hate how banks make those ads that are just fantastic in terms of song choice and creative – images and words. How they suck me in – make.me.cry. – and then feel so dirty when the bank logo comes up at the end.


Today I took the boys and mum to Sydney Theatre for Afternoon of the Elves. I had free tickets. It was fantastic. Fantastic to do something different and fantastic to see the boys faces. They were both mesmorised. Felix refused to leave his seat at intermission incase it started again and he missed any. God bless the child of the television generation. Oscar cried when it finished and was quite intent on having an impressive tantrum about not wanting to leave and for “more” “more”. I knew Felix would love it, I was hoping Oscar would last the distance. The fact he was as gripped by it just blew me away. Mind you, Felix’s favourite bit was “all of it” and Oscar’s was the fact that the stage rotated around, but you know, whatever gets you going really. And Jasper only dropped a couple of inappropriate “uh ohs” and “bah!”s.


Jasper is now choosing to walk before he crawls. I haven’t seen him crawl for days. It is sooo much fun watching the new little walker – the weird angled arms for balance, the stomach pushed forward as ballast, the intent. Just delightful.


I moved all our living area around today. Just because. It’s nice.


What I would really really like? Is a disposable income. Not the allocated one we have at the moment.

Things I would purchase with said disposable income:
– new shoes, probably four pairs – ballet flats or similar, two high-heel summer shoes, one pair for fun
– entire new summer wardrobe. I don’t have a summer wardrobe. Well, I do, but it’s currently two sizes too small. This was fine last year as I was on mat leave. It is not good this year as I am not on mat leave, I am at work. Wearing the same clothes I’ve been wearing since I returned from mat leave. It’s an issue
– entire wall-length storage solution for our back room. I’d probably get it made. I estimate this would cost $5-6,000. I know, that’s serious disposable income.
– I’d fix our side gate which is broken.
– I’d get a new microwave, considering ours is 9 years old and went “bang” a few weeks back and now only seems to heat/defrost food depending on its mood.
– I’d get cleaners back in.
– I’d get our back lawn salvaged.
and so on and on…

This must make me look remarkable shallow and materialistic. So scratch that. If I had disposable income I’d give it to a range of charities.


OK, this has been bothering me. Oscar’s support service still requires us to pay a fee. This is despite a handful of the families successfully lobbying for $200,000 for the provision of the service in our area. Interestingly it appears this money has been allocated to the service across Sydney… so we still have to pay $300 a term. At the moment, going off the last two terms, that’s averaging out to $300 for one meeting and a couple of phone calls. Anyway, I’m digressing. Kinda. So last year a family member’s community group donated $1,000 to the service, and are doing the same this year. Then there is the $250 I got paid for my story that appeared in Sydney’s Child (and every state capital equivalent) about the service and its role in securing positive outcomes for Oscar. Is it inappropriate/miserly/wrong of me to think that on the weight of my fundraising efforst, any term fees should be waivered? Or is it just because we’re seriously skint at the moment?


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  • Jonathan

    I know it’s not politically correct to have these thoughts or opinions, but I feel the same way often – that among the people who bend over backwards to help a cause, there are people exploiting the situation.

    Similar things are going on right the way through Africa – countries keep sending in millions of pounds of aids, and it’s going straight into corrupt government officials bank accounts.