Joke mentioned his wish for a bottle of this to be in his freezer a few months back now. Suse emailed me with a request on behalf of a work colleague, so I’ve finally got my act together to bring it to the blog.

12 lemons
2x750ml bottles of vodka, the best quality with the highest alcohol content you can find
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
– remove the yellow part of the peel, carefully avoiding any of the white pith. This sounds pedantic but is quite important.
– Put the peels in a jar or bottle and add one of the bottles of vodka. Seal tightly.
– Leave the bottle to steep until the peel loses its colour (a minimum of two weeks).
– Boil the water and sugar together until the sugar dissolves. Let cool.
– Strain the vodka from the peels.
– Mix all the vodka and sugar syrup together.
– Seal tightly and let sit for at least a week.
– Store it in the freezer.

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  • Joke

    Funny you should write this today. Yesterday I started another batch of limoncello, and I’m trying my hand at cranberry vodka. Maybe I’ll do a chile (chilli?) pepper one next.


  • Suse

    I emailed Joke too, but he didn’t answer which, although it is the very first time I have ever EMAILED Joke so do not have prior experience for comparison, just doesn’t sound like him. So am being gracious and assuming it got lost in the ether. (Does cyber space have ether? I digress).

    Thank you for this, and my work colleague will thank you too.

  • sueeeus

    I don’t drink, per se, and I can’t be bothered to actually go and buy alcohol, but if I one day get the gumption, this is what I’d try. It sounds delish!