Day 5 – grey, fog, rain and cold

and people, it’s 5 November! Don’t get me wrong, I am loving any extension of cold weather, but this is ridiculous. It was about 16-18 degrees today and pretty much rained all day. When we were coming home from the theatre over the Harbour Bridge the whole city was ensconced in fog. Seriously.

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  • meggie

    Kim, we are further up the Coast, but it was so glum & dark yesterday.
    I too love the cooler weather… wonder if we will have to pay later in the season.
    You are so brave.
    You are lucky to be young & still have all the energy you have. I love reading your posts.

  • Jippy

    I think this weather helps with the holiday mood. I am ready and can just join in the holiday fun.

  • My float

    Can you believe this weather? We’re all coming down with colds and sniffles at a time when we should be celebrating the summer at the beach!