Day 2 – Light rain, sunshine, hi winds

but not necessarily in that order.

Granted I’m a couple of hours late, but last night was a nightmare of a bit of an emotional breakdown, which resulted in me falling asleep in bed with Felix after singing the bedtime songs.

It started as a lovely day, warm but not too hot, sunny and delightful. The clouds started moving in around lunchtime, the winds were well and trully whipping up around 4 and the rain started around 5. Only light drizzle and – naturally – none in the catchment area.

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  • Suse

    Weather reports here, song lyrics at Badger’s, Babelbabe gone for the month.

    Sigh …

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    I’m thinking this NaNaNeNaNah month is a bit of a lurk, really, hey Suse? the pressure seems to be sending the prolific types to water…

    Oh, Kim! Sorry, didn’t see you there! Looove the weather reports honey, keep ’em coming.

    (snigger, smugness, snigger)

  • Surfing Free

    So why is it you have to give us a weather report every day?? Who decreed this?

  • Kim

    What? You’re actually dissing me in my own comments!?!

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge