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Sep 12, 2006 – 37 Photos

For those a bit behind with the program, we went camping.

It was a weird week.

Wonderful for chilling out with the kids and our friends. Woeful for sleep. There was an appalling spate of high winds – for four nights. The last of which involved so much damage to our tarp that it was abandoned the following day. We were all fans of the tarp. Now, if Chef or Bri have tarp aspirations on our next camping adventure, Jen and I are decamping to an onsite cabin.

So, being woken a minimum of three times a night, having various children sleep in our bed, and starting each and every day around 5am, meant little was achieved, nothing was really planned and much short-tempered crankiness (with children) abounded.

My liver and head still have not recovered from the ridiculous amount of alcohol we consumed. Pineapple Vodka Cruisers make me quite loopy – in that can’t stop giggling kind of way. I felt bad drinking a beverage intent on creating a whole new generation of alcohol abusing teenage girls but man, sugar and liquor taste so sweeeeeet.

We should have done things like:
– gone four wheel driving/quad-biking/horse-riding on the absolutely amazing dunes at Stockton Beach,
– gone on a dolphin-watching cruise from Nelson Bay
– wandered along One Mile Beach
– bush-walked up the headland
– gone Koala spotting

Instead we went to the beach.
We had to go shopping at Salamander Bay (seriously, it was Warriewood Square on the North Coast) for warm clothes for everyone (I had taken one pair of jeans and one jumper, and one set of warm clothes for the boys. S.t.u.p.i.d.).
We ate a lot of take-away.
The boys went fishing.
and there was much mooching around the tent with kids riding bikes and playing footy.

A major highlight was Felix learning to ride his bike without training wheels. Watching him learn it, get better at it and then discover the bell, to ring it as he rode around, made my heart hurt.

So yes, it was wonderful in that we were all away together and had no set plan or agenda except to be with each other.