Quite a morning

You know those days. The ones where you need to get to work early because you have got so much on and so much to get done. Yeah.

So Chef hasn’t been well, he’s had what I had the other week. So this morning ran something like this:
– up
– Jasper up (start getting his brekkie ready)
– Felix up
– Feed Jasper
– Oscar up, he’s wet the bed. Get him in the shower, strip the bed, wash the mattress, then get him dressed
– Change Jasper, get him dressed
– Get boys breakfast
– make boys lunches
– get boys dressed
– it’s now 7.35am
– shower, blow-dry hair, get dressed
– Get Chef to drop me at Woollies, go shopping for photo shoot this morning, get me, three bags and Jasper to the bus stop.
– See express bus. R.U.N.
– Sit down on bus. It is 8:05am.

That’s right, I am a l.e.g.e.n.d.

Today involved photoshoots with 9 people, officially interviewing four of them and running round like a blue-arsed fly. But it’s now 8.47pm, I’m home, the boys are all in bed and tomorrow is another day.

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  • daysgoby

    Holy cow, chickie, you make me tired just hearing you!

    Kudos to you, getting that done!

  • julia

    Dammit, I was going to say the same thing. I hate it when that happens.

  • Joke

    Wait. Whoa. Photo shoot?


  • h&b

    Foodie photo shoot even – tres cool 😉

    Yes, I am impressed .. especially managing to wash & blowdry hair – Supermum !

  • Kim

    Yeah, photo shoots, but relax, it’s not that glamorous. Part of my job involves writing a jaunty quarterly publication. I did edit a start-up food magazine for a while once, creating, testing, cooking and styling the food. That was the last bully of a boss I worked for. Ugly times.
    But yes, this week I got to interview and eat the food of four of Sydney’s top chef. A very very rare perk.

  • Anonymous

    You are definitely a legend….

  • h&b

    Ugly times ?

    Sounds like a Donna Hay employee 😉