The song I have LOVED for the last few months has a band and a name (although I’d kinda guessed that).

Music of my moment:
Augie March – who’s latest album is called Moo You Bloody Choir and their song One Crowded Hour is on repeat in my brain at least once a day (see how frustrating its been not knowing who sung it and where it came from). They also have this song on their earlier album called There Is No Such Place which does similar things to my head. Stunning music. They’re playing at the Hordern with Bernard Fanning at the end of the month, which is kinda making my knees go weak.


Jet – new album out – ROCK ON

Bernard Fanning – swoon

Ben Folds – swooning once more with feeling. That man can come play my piano any time.

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  • julia

    I luuuuuuuuuurve Ben Folds.

  • Lazy cow

    I love that Augie March song. I was obsessed about it until I discovered the artist, borrowed the CD from my sister, and listened to it 100 times in a row).
    Mmmmm, Bernard….

  • h&b

    I have all those CD’s 😉

  • nutmeg

    Love Berbard Fanning and Ben Folds. Therefore I am now going to check out Augue March and Lior!

  • daysgoby

    Great, new music to check out!

    By the way, Kim – your great grandmother? Genius. Feel free to share any more recipes!

    (Off to hunt up that tomato thing you posted awhile back)

  • Kim

    FYI all – I have a list/index of all the recipes at the footer of the front page, so just keep-on-scrolling to the bottom and they’re all there.

    And so pleased the lemon delicious was a hit!