granted it’s not Sunday…but:

I don’t understand what it is/the role of/the purpose of
– Bloglines
– a webring
– RSS feeds
– ‘going beta’
– d.e.l.ic.ious – or wherever it is they put the fullstops
– the fuss about youtube

is all about.

I just don’t get it.

What can I say, I’m a technical idiot.

I just like writing. I like other people reading my writing. I like reading other people’s writing.

The rest of it just seems so, so superfluous.

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  • julia

    I like bloglines because it means I don’t have to click thru every single blog I like to read in order to see if it’s been updated. Bloglines tells me. And since I’m fundamentally lazy, I like this. A lot.

  • Kim

    Is that what it does? Really? How? See. I’m so confused. It’s not that I object to them, I just don’t understand them.

  • amamgets

    Okay, count me amongst the confuddled. So HOW do the bloglines work?

  • Surfing Free

    Oh, dear I can see we have our work cut out for us here!! Sooo much to learn.

    Ok, bloglines allows you to subscribe to the RSS feeds (which are automatically generated by Blogger) of your favourite blogs. So updates are automatically displayed thereby saving you the hassle of clicking on lots of blogs that have not been updated.

    Eh hem, I don’t actually use it because I prefer to visit my blogs and be surprised, but it works for some.

    Online video at Yahoo! which is just a video aggregation site and includes YouTube, is a lesson for another day 🙂

    BUT, check out the list of hilarious French and Saunders videos … my latest addiction!

  • Badger

    Okay well I like Technorati. It lets me search my blog for stuff I’ve written, which Blogger SUCKS at. And also it tells me who has linked to my blog, which is nice to know when people start talking smack about you and think there’s no way you’ll ever find out. WRONG!

  • Lazy cow

    I must admit to a fondness for Technorati too. It’s not hard; just type in your blog name and it shows who’s linked to you. A good way of finding new blogs. Like Bloglines too, but the rest, I don’t understand – and probably don’t need.

  • nutmeg

    This post had me chuckling. I’m a bit of an illiterate at this stuff as well. Though I do use Bloglines as it saves time (and my computer was very slow until we upgraded it the other day). I might have to check out this Technorati though….

    I was just at Bec’s and she is having some battle with Bitacle. I had to ask her what she was talking about. Something about swiping her blog. I asked her to “please explain” if she had time 🙂

  • momslo

    Here! Here!

    Now that being said, i’m going to read these comments and educate myself too- why, BECAUSE I KNOW NOTHING!!!

  • creative-Type Dad (Tony)

    I know everything about this stuff!

    Actually, no. I don’t. I’m lucky if Blogger lets me upload my pictures

  • h&b

    I dunno.I don’t use any of them, and i’m considered the most computer-literate of most people i know….

    As for who links to you:

    I do like the look of del.ic.i.ous though – whatever it is – mainly for the placement of arty dots and because it makes me think of the ABC food mag.. mmm… yummies…

  • Suse

    I am technically dyslexic.


    I like reading your writing too.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone explain the fullstop thing? Because I still don’t get that….