another top 5

The top 5 things I’d really like to do in my life but kinda know I never will:

  1. Make quilts
  2. Finish the cross-stich I started when on bed rest with Oscar’s pregnancy, some almost 9 years ago
  3. Compete in triathalons
  4. Be part of a team in an eco-challenge
  5. Surf
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  • Muzbot

    I have a surf board here… Let me know when you want me to drop it over for you 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better.

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    jOh yes, surfing is on my ‘wish I’d learned and not grown up a bushpig’ list…

    but what on earth is an eco-challenge and why does one need a team?

  • mad muthas

    hah! i have two half-finished jumpers i was knitting for the twins when they were 3. now they’re 12. maybe i’ll unpick and knit them cute little hats they’ll never wear ….

  • Kim

    BEC – Eco challenge is a team of three (or is it four?) who compete in an endurance event, generally in a jungle and have to get to checkpoints etc all within certain timeframes.

    It’s complete maddness. It’s testing your physical, mental and emotional strength. It’s about being part of a team. And it’s about pushing boundaries and winning.

    Hence why it’s something I’ll probably never ever do. Because quite frankly, I have a lounge and a bar fridge stocked with Pineapple Vodka Cruisers.