This weekend

was kickstarted by going to the opera (Rigoletto) on Friday night. I haven’t been to the opera in about 15 years. My stepmother took me as a treat, a night out. It was… challenging. The night wasn’t – tapas and champagne at Pony = sensational; walking around to Opera House = spectacular (this city, this city I l.o.v.e.); being in the Opera House watching opera = just lovely; but watching opera = heavy going with my restless leg syndrome, general exhaustion from the week just past, the early signs of a migraine and not being in the opera zone for so long. There were times I felt like muttering “oh just get on with it”. Gilda also wasn’t very good, and the Duke looked like a bloated Eric Bana. But still, if my sm ever needs someone to go to the opera with her, I will be raising my arm nice and high.

Saturday was stinking hot – 37C. I took the boys to the beach – which was just fantastic. It’s worth it just to see Jasper in his little rash suit. CUuuush. But I had this headache, which fast tracked itself to a migraine. I think it did this because:
a) I’d run out of the happy pills that make your bits go ping, and if I don’t take it at the same time each day, a pretty hardcore headache lets me know
b) hayfever
c) illness. It really hurts to swallow. And I have a cough which hurts my head… badly. And I have earache as well.
d) hormones. “It” is due this week.

Anyway, Saturday passed, we had pizza and watched Nanny McPhee as a family on Saturday night. That is my idea of the perfect Saturday night. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. slept in this morning until 7.30. Which kind of made up for the four wake-ups during the night. But my head, OH MY GOODNESS. There was vomitting, and that pain when I blinked. More Neurofen Plus (This weekend’s tally is in the vicinity of 20). Mum was fantastic in that when Jasper went down for his morning sleep, she took the boys for a cycle/scooter. The rest of the day was hazy. And my throat is killing me.

So not the best, but OK.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Weeks ::until Christmas
  2. Cough ::ing up a lung
  3. Jail ::bird
  4. Produced ::by me!
  5. ? ::Who?
  6. Stapler ::superseded by that little silver clip thingy – like a bulldog clip but better
  7. Next ::in line
  8. Perky ::Brewster (I know, she was Punky, but let’s fact it, she was irritatingly perky as well)
  9. Oxygen ::tent
  10. Musical ::theatre

You can play too!

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  • mad muthas

    actually i always feel a bit that way in opera – all that recitative! and all those princes dressed as peasants! and all those noblewomen lost at birth and brought up with strangely elegant villagers. i live near the royal shakespeare theatre, and sometimes get freeeeeee tickets bunged my way. i always say thank you nicely, but halfway through the evening, i’m always making a mental list of things i could better be spending my time on …

  • Kim

    Yes! I was working out what work I needed to get done over the weekend, what washing I had to do, who I needed to ring, how much weight I had to lose, how much my feet hurt, how deeply I could pick at my cuticles and so on and so forth.

  • h&b

    Couldn’t help but think of the Whitlams while reading.

    Also, am disconcerted by the amount of Australian Women Bloggers Bleeding Together. As I mentioned to Lazy Cow, what is this, a shared dorm room at girly college ? Bizarre 😉

    Everything else sounds divine though. You gotta love this city, love this city….

  • Surfing Free

    Ouch! I hope your head and throat feel better today … or they grounds for a sickie???

    I love the opera but when you are distracted by the main singers not being very good, then that is a bad night at the opera.

    Yes, I also love wandering around the Opera House at night … I feel so grown up 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m not much good at live opera either. I’d rather listen to it on a CD while I potter around in the kitchen.

  • Kim

    I just realised how ungrateful that makes me sound. I really did appreciate it and have a fantastic night.

  • shula

    I get the migraines too. Never travel anywhere, not even down to the shops, without the Neurofen Plus.