the top 5

holidays I want to go on. Just know, the list is about 20, but this is the top 5.

1. Six weeks camping and touring up the West Coast of Australia
2. The South Island of New Zealand
3. New York
4. Cinque Terre
5. Antarctica

There was a tussle for fifth spot between Antarctica, Africa, Canada, Alaska and Europe. In general. I’m just saying.

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  • meggie

    North Island??
    Most want the South, which has spectacular scenery.
    But then, so does the North & I was from the North originally.

    Hope one of the dreams comes true.
    I am off to NI in Nov, perhaps I could sneak you into my suitcase??

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE that party of Italy! Hiking and eating good food.

    What a great idea – A Life List for travel v. birds. I am totally swiping this one.

  • Kim

    Meggie – whoops – I meant the South Island! I am quite geographically inept. This is a prime example. I’ve fixed it accordingly.

  • Badger

    Okay but Texas is lovely this time of year. And I have a guest room. I’m just sayin’.

  • Gina

    All except no. 3 for me. Ah, Austrailia. Ah, New Zealand. Those I could immerse myself in for a few months.

  • momslo

    My goodness you’ve been a busy girl! I have been having computer problems and look at all these posts!

    Sorry you are so sick and hope your better.

    Love the OB1 post-he’s so cute!- my Juliana wants me to change her name to Scout-it’s tempting because it’s more fitting- but I just love romantic names like Felix and Juliana..

    oh, and the travel list is so wonderful- what interesting places you desire.

    Take care and I hope your feeling better.

  • Kim

    Momslo – If I had had three girls they would have been Matilda, Piper and Scout.

    And yes – busy posting, am catching up for my (rare) week of non-posting last week.

    Plus, have more time as am home, being sick. If anyone had missed that part.

  • Kim

    Badger – I used to live in Texas. One day I shall return…

    and make good use of that guest room.

  • creative-Type Dad (Tony)

    Oh! I’ve been the NZ’s South Island. It was cool (literally cold)