Am sick

will mope.
I have pharyngitis. I should look up how to spell that correctly but can’t be bothered and know it will irritate the likes of Bec, Suse and Blackbird. And sometimes that’s fun in itself.
It’s tonsilitis of the pharynx, or is that pharanx. Anyway, there’s pus at the backof my throat, and lots of it. Apparently.
The doctor has given me an antibiotic that has forte and duo in its name. They also come in light-proof packaging. This is killing more than pus let me tell you.
I am wondering who creates drugs that make you feel worse when they’re meant to make you better.
I was home sick today but did around 5 hours work.

I’m such a martyr.
Today, on the first day back of school, the start of Term 4, the beginning of the countdown to Christmas:

Felix’s teacher: Can all children whose name starts with o,p,q,r,s, t, u and v stand up and come to the front
(Felix stands and moves to the front of the class.)
Felix’s teacher: And what does your name start with?
Felix: O
Felix’s teacher: Really. What is your name again?
Felix: OB1
Felix’s teacher: Who?
Felix: OB1 Ken Obi.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you that we’ve created a child actor.

This started when he called a family meeting about 10 days ago. The TV was turned off (gasp) and the meeting called. Felix announced he was changing his name to either OB1 or Anakin. We voted for OB1 because really, being named after the dude that goes to the dark side, who loses his limbs and other bits in a ball of firey lava, didn’t seem like such a good namesake. OB1=Ewan McGregor, and that’s just fine with me.

Anyway, there’s been a few incidents (averaging about twice a day) when he corrects me that he is not Felix, he is OB1.

But never, ever in my wildest dreams, did I think I’d produce – or have any role – in a child showing that kind of chutzpah. (Is that the right word? Apologies to Jewish people the world over for stealing your language and then probably misusing it.) Put simply, it’s the kind of thing I would have LOVED to do at school, but was just too much of a good girl to ever follow through.

You go son. Your mum is cheering you on loud and probably quite inappropriately.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m on antibiotics, too. I have come across at least 5 other bloggerfriends who are all sick as well. Is there a cyber-epidemic going on? Sigh! Hope we all get better soon! c”,)

  • meggie

    YES to OB1!!
    I am so happy to read about a child who has independance & the courage/conviction to follow through with it!

  • meggie

    PS forgot to wish a PISS OFF for PUS!!

  • Surfing Free

    Hee hee … OB1. Nice going Felix!! May the force be with you all.

  • Kim

    Badger – I only use drugs with codeine. Straight Panadol is for pussies. My weekend tally of Neurofen Plus (a glory box of codeine) was around 20. I’m not kidding,such was the migraine. As I now seem to be running a fever as well, I’m maintaining a three hourly codeine addiction.

  • Badger

    Oh! Well, rock on, then!

    P.S. Can you buy it over the counter there? Like in Canada? Because I am seriously looking to relocate to a country where you can do that.

  • Anonymous

    I love the OB1 story. Good on ya Felix!

  • Kim

    Badge – not only do we have alcohol mixed with soft drinks in cans, and other fancy forms like Pineapple Crushes (with vodka) – we can buy codeine off-the-shelf. Like big grown-ups. Yeah, Australia really is the lucky country.

  • Kim

    We buy the Neurofen Plus, which has 200mg of ibuprofen and 12.8mg of codeine in each magic white pill. In the 72 tablet pack.

    I am a walking marketing campaign for this company.

    You can even buy kids panadol w/ codeine, but you do have to ask the pharmacist for that one and he/she will come over all serious. But when you have a kid who has been hospitalised with migraine-induced vomitting, they quite readily hand it over.

  • Kim

    It’s blue – the kids one – and so good is it for Oscar and his poor head, we’ve been known to call it The Blue Dream.

    We gave it to Felix last Friday when he was sick and the headache was immobilising him, and he looked at me and said, “what did you just give me” as if if just dawned on him someone had spiked his drink at a party.

  • Badger

    Ha! See, around here we have to resort to doping our kids with Benadryl. Which doesn’t work nearly as well, I have to say.