So you see…

I started this post the other day. It was punchy, pithy, I was in fine form. What can I say. Then Blogger ate it. Without warning. But maybe I’m being harsh, because I downloaded the new IE and it has a unique feature of just randomly shutting down without any warning, so maybe it was Microsoft’s fault. Which, you know, it’s been a while since a Microsoft bagging.
This week I kinda had a meltdown that was coming as I went back to work and my new manager was onboard. The one who got the job I so “had in the bag” accordingly to numerous workmates. I don’t really want to Dooce myself, so all you really need to know is that I had a conversation with our HR manager who went through my peer review results (I had the best overall result in the e.n.t.i.r.e. organisation. Thank you and good night.) and a general chat. I then had a follow-up conversation with my big boss. The upshot of all this cryptic shit is that I’m back, the mojo is where it should be and I have some semblance of control and direction once more. For those of you out there who define a lot of who you are by the work you do and the people you work with, you will get just how important this is for me and my overall mental health.
This week I also found out I have cancer. I have a basal cell carcinoma, which I insist on calling basil cell carcinoma, because godamit if I’m going to have cancer it’s going to be tasty. I have this flat, red, flaky, sometimes slightly broken skin spot on my right bingo wing. (And yes, I might only be 33 but I have the best and biggest bingo wings next to any tuckshop lady you care to throw into the line-up). It’s been there for a while and it bothered me, and I knew it wasn’t good. Then Dooce went and talked about hers, with pictures. And well, we all know just how highly suggestible I can be, but I looked at the picture and without a word of a lie, it was the same size and shape.

I’d already talked to Mum about it and she was going to make an appointment for me w/ her skin specialist, who she saw about 6 weeks ago. Anyway, long story short, she rang her last week and – considering if I was booking in it would be a minimum 12 month wait, she had a cancellation on Tuesday morning at 8.

Frank – as I’ve called it – is about 6-7 months old, although I’m sure it’s been there for at least a year. Anyway. The specialist informed me that skin cancers are very common, but what I have is the most rare (this is simply in keeping with our family being dedicated to any condition, illness or situation that is highly unusual, unlikely and rare). She could dig it out, freeze it off, or I can use this new, ground-breaking cream that you apply five nights a week for six weeks. This magic cream will trigger my own immune system to attack Frank and kick his butt. I could post photos, but even I’m squeamish about oozing scabs.

The good news is, that considering I am fair skinned and fair eyed, I have very little sun damage. So THERE!

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  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you caught the cancer early – that’s scary stuff. Makes me think I should make an appointment with a dermatologist and get all my weird spots checked out.

  • Lazy cow

    You poor thing. Let’s hope the cream kills Frank. I had no idea about this cream business (and I’m the fairest in the land, baybee, no one is whiter than me, AND I have yearly checks with my skin specialist who has caught any mole changes early and knifed them). Did you – and everyone else know – you can get your body photographed so there is a comparison between then and now?

  • h&b

    Dooce, hey .. she’d be pleased she’s leading the masses 😉

    Acutally, I get sick of all the “DOOCE” links on ppl’s blogs, although I read her myself.

    I must admit, recently, what with the court case and all, I think I should. I really like her, and she’s had some sucky times.

    Hope your C packs bags and heads elsewhere, for something more meat’n’3’veg and less basil-infused-east-meets-west.

    Seeya Frank !

  • Kim

    LC – the cream is new, it’s been on the market for about 6 months and trialled for the last three years. They trialled it here and in California, which kinda makes sense. My mum has used it and it works a treat. Anything to avoid me having anything involving needles, stitches, needles and needles.

    Em – get thee to the dermatologist. I don’t trust a GP with this stuff.

    h&b – I love Dooce, I know she polarises people, which I simply don’t get, because aren’t we all here doing essentially the same thing? Writing about the minutae of our lives and seeking solace from knowing we’re not alone? And basil-infused-east-meets-west – hehehe. Cool.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Well, glad about the cream. You don’t really know me from Adam but if there’s anything I can do (right, from a different hemisphere and time zone)– oh, I just do not like the C word. But sounds like you are fighting it with humor.

  • Badger

    Dude! Good luck kicking Frank’s ass!

    Oh, and thanks for the sticky ribs recipes up above! I have no idea what Australian ribs are but I bet I can find something ’round here that will work.

  • Elizabeth

    Frank is a bad bad man and he is going to die.

    Thinking of you honey – you get him good.

    And yet another reason to slather greasy Banana Boat all over me every day here in Colombia!

  • Suse

    Did you name it Frank after the evil character in Blue Velvet?

    And did you post all these posts in one day, or is my computer not refreshing for some reason? I’ve suddenly got about 10 posts from you to catch up on.

    Good luck with Frank, my friend.