The weekend

featured I was in heaven.
It featured a haircut, which I forgot to photograph. I’m so pleased with it – it’s blond, it can be curly, it can be straight. It’s like a holiday on my head.
It featured Killer, Bootie and his mate G coming over for dinner. There was much laughter, several wines, some delightful Japanese beer we discovered was made in Canada and FOOD!:
sticky ribs (soy, honey, star anise, cinnamon, chilli, ginger, shallots)
roasted marinated (in lemon, garlic, basil, oil, chilli) chicken pieces
soba noodle salad
sicilian green olive and celery salad
lemon delicious pudding.

Recipes will follow, but I’m back to work tomorrow after two weeks off and I need to get to bed.

Today featured catching up with friends at the Flying Fox then a birthday dinner for Mum, who’s birthday is tomorrow. I cooked a slow-roasted leg of lamb and served it with potato dauphinois and steamed green beans and asparagus. Again, lemon delicious was dessert. Again, recipes will follow.

Anyway, I must away.

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  • MsCellania

    Oh YUM!
    I cannot wait for the recipies.
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mum!

  • Anonymous

    I’m jealous of your culinary skills.

  • h&b

    Come cook for me !

    Also: haircut, picture, please.
    Sounds fabulous.

    I just ran into my HD at the park and she called me over for a debriefing and to see if I was doing her ‘do’ justice 😉

    It was windy, so I have no idea if I passed muster .. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Kim, I am making a double batch of the Roasted Tomahtoes again today! The house smells like heaven and I can’t wait ’til it’s dinnertime!

  • momslo

    I’m hungry and I just ate breakfast!

    Have a good week at work- it’s so hard to get back in the groove after extended time off!

    Sounds like a wonderful week-end, very much like ours-

    Love the photo’s of long time friends! It makes me miss all our friends in S.F. and all the get-togethers-

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    I saw ribs in the supermercado on Monday and thought of you. Stopped myself just in time as this week is NOT the week for cooking in the house of the ladies lounge…

    Have just remembered I missed your tagging because of the whole Scarlet Fever saga – promise I will get to it this week.