I’m so famous… ‘n that

Bootie has created a meme in honour of me. ME!

“So you thought you knew me meme.”

Target or Kmart? Target
Beef burger or chicken burger? Depends. Beef if I’m on the rag, chicken otherwise, particularly if it comes from Playfair
Faux or Fur? Neither. Ew.
Out of a can or out of a bottle? Bottle
Hotel or tent? Well… tent (and the rougher the better). But if we had money, correction, if money was no object, a fancy resort of boutique hotel every now and then… just because.

Coles or BiLo? Neither, I’m a Woollies girl all the way
Pasta or Pizza? Pasta
Thongs or sandals? If sandals=Birkenstocks, then Birks, otherwise thongs
Backyard pool or beach? Beach, but in and out, none of that lying around getting covered in sand and frying stuff. Pool for laps, wet bar in pool for (one of my) dream holiday
Souvenirs or photos? Photos

BBQ or foodcourt? BBQ! Foodcourts are devil’s spawn
Chocolate or Vanilla? In what form? Neither really cut it for me. I’m a fruit dessert kinda gal.
Hair product or no hair product? Oh, hair product
Cats or dogs? Cats, cats, cats
Organised tour or do it yourself? Hmmm, always thought I’d be a do it yourself-er, but I’ve been sitting here drooling over the latest Abercrombie & Kent catalogue for the last two days

Home cooked or home delivered? Home cooked – COME ON!
Coffee or tea? Tea, from a pot, not a bag
The strength of an ox or the strength of a mule? Geez, I don’t know, probably a mule, beligerent and stubborn rather than stupid I guess.
Love or lust? Love
Thought or action? Action, but with age and experience, more thought

For an Australian flavour, I tag Bec, Em and Suse and of course – BOOTIE!

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  • Muzbot

    Cats!? Get out!

  • Suse

    Will attend to my duty asap.

    PS. Tent, really??!

  • Lazy cow

    Fabulous meme. Totally agree re: the burgers 🙂 But, tent? Not so much.

  • Stomper Girl

    Hello, thought I should introduce myself after reading all your funny comments on a lot of the blogs I’ve been reading.

    Definitely, definitely tea from a pot, served in a bone china mug. But coffee if I’m sitting in a Melbourne cafe. And cats. (Dogs smell and sniff crotches)