These kids have known each other since they were about eight weeks old…

Which means we have all been friends for just over eight years:

Hey, I could play one of those whose kid is whose here… Some couldn’t make it due to work, some wouldn’t make it due to others being there, but I guess that kind of stuff is what the history of The Mother’s Group is all about… From the original group, one has had one, three have had two, and six have had three. Children that is. We tried to get them all in the one place, but at a kid’s park as awesome as the Flying Fox, it was all too hard. But here are some of the tribe…

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  • Suse

    Ah, the mother’s group. Mine was the only thing that kept me sane for the first three years.

  • h&b

    Hmm .. such a large group … nice.

    Ours has dwindeled down to 5women, from a group of 10. The ones that left just stopped rturning phonecalls/emails. I dunno. Is it me < sniffs armpits > ?

    That said, I could also say that we filtered out the bad. The 5 women left are AWESOME and fun, and hopefully long-term friends. The others could have been to, but .. they didn’t like us ?

    *LOve* my Mother’s Group 😉

  • h&b

    Nice spelling, wine girl … *sigh*

  • Surfing Free

    I love my mother’s group but ours has also dwindled down from eight to four that regularly meet. But those four are fantastic chicks!!