Barnaby Joyce just referred to Corinne Grant as a mattress. As in “I just look around this tablle and think mate, mate, mate, mate, mattress”

The Glass House is in fine form tonight. Fine fine form.


At the moment, no child who can walk in our house walks. There is much thumping, a lot of running, a lot of why walk over to the lounge and sit down when you can run, do a commando roll and dive into it. Now I understand why all of our houses looked trashed when we were teenagers. Our parents weren’t lazy, they just knew it was a lost cause.


Felix is currently obsessed with seeing animals, people, letters and numbers in food. i.e. he eats his food into shapes and then says things like, “look Mummy, this one’s like Chancellor Palpatine.”


Just when the obession with Star Wars couldn’t get more comprehensive, Foxtel seems to have managed to run at least one episode each and every day. BUT, there is a competitor to Star Wars. T.I.P.
I had seriously not thought about the notion of “bar” as something other than a place to buy a beverage until camping. When everything was bar. “No, the tent is bar”, “No, the table is bar”, “No, this cup is bar”, “No, rubbing my eye is bar” and so on and so forth.
Ahh childhood.


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  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    It was always “B.A.R.-bar!” when I was a kid.

    Barnaby Joyce was FUNNY. Who knew?

  • Kim

    Hah, really. I might introduce that rule.

    and I know – he was in fantastic form, regaling all with a story about how this week he was so tired at another evening function, so much so that when it was over when he was saying goodbye to the organiser said, “bye, I love you” – his common refrain to his wife when he leaves for work. Too funny.

  • Anonymous

    Children never walk – they run, jump, leap, hop, spin, collide, skid… but they don’t walk (at least not in this house).

  • Suse

    Cracking up over the Barnaby Joyce quotes.

    Son #2 used to regularly bite his food into GUN shapes.

    The Alaska show was ‘Northern Exposure’.


  • h&b

    I still use “bar” when I want to win. My husband is an adult, and therefore too slow on the uptake.

    I will have a challenge eventually though, as my petty, underhanded, and manipulative ways are all being watched and documented by a wee one 😉