OMG! Today – nay, this weekend – have been sublime. If I could live somewhere with a climate like the last two days, I would be in heaven. Seiously, it’s 9pm and I’m sitting here with the back door still wide open and a sumptious cool evening breeze blowing gently in.

The sky was the blue I will always equate with Australia. There was a light breeze, and a temperature around 22C. Divine.

Yesterday involved going nowhere and doing nothing… except cleaning. This house looks ransacked. It still does. But it is ‘clean’ in a way I have been procrastinating out of since oh, July last year.
F.i.l.i.n.g. There was a massive pile of unopened mail that has basically been like a cancerous growth slowly swallowing our office desk. It dated back to January.
It’s all dealt with.
Sure, the floors are still filthy. I can hardly even mention the bathrooms without wincing and just spontaneously dropping the laptop, grabbing the bleach and

But while I stood there opening a gagillion bank statements and Amex bills the boys mooched around, played outside, inside, watched a video, played some more. It was really really lovely.

Today was Father’s Day. The boys raced in this morning with their presents – Felix’s was a card in the shape of a head, the nose an orange lolly. Funny. Oscar’s was a little bag of chocolates he bought at the Father’s Day stall. The three of them sat in bed at 6.30am eating chocolate. That’s what it’s all about really isn’t it. Chef had to work, but the clan went to the Fox for brekkie, so me and the rabble of children and dogs got out of the house and to the park. Felix disappeared at one stage – to finally return red-faced and exhilerated from a game of footy on the green. We went and hung out at Chef’s sister’s place for a while, then home once more to finish the filing…
I got f.o.u.r loads of washing dried on.the.outside.line today. In one day. In winter the backyard doesn’t get enough sun to bother using the line, so for a few months I grow very attached to my dying rack. But today, I have clothes with that smell of sunshine in them today.
Because the filing also meant you can now not only see the dining room table, we ate at it tonight.
Apart from feeling like my back is going to snap in to, and has felt so for the better part of two weeks (I am sure it’s because of what a fatty boomsticks I am at the moment) this weekend was just lovely.
Things that made me laugh/smile/feel warm and fuzzy this weekend:
– Felix’s relentless singing of Sandi Thom’s I wish I was a punk rocker song
– Jasper discovering he can escape the indoors and brave the big bad outside world by using the cat door.
– The boys in summer clothes
– The doona movie was on this afternoon – Fly Away Home with Anna Paquin. It’s pathetic I know, but I love that movie. I cried the first time I saw it – that Carly Simon (I think) song at the end as she brings the birds home – agh, a killer. It’s like My Girl when MacCauley Culkin dies… or Steel Magnolias when Julia Roberts dies. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a cheesy movie. That said, Intolerable Cruelty is on at the moment and it’s fantastic. Oh, and we watched The Interpreter last night and kinda loved it to – not the performances (how ridiculous to develop a love interest between the Sean whatshisname FBI dude and Our Nicole) but gee did it do suspense well.
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Wiggle ::your butt
  2. Face ::your fears
  3. Adjustable ::straps
  4. Room ::to move
  5. Easy ::access
  6. Store ::storage
  7. Maid ::yes please
  8. 9 pm ::bed is calling
  9. Challenge ::fun
  10. Debt ::which one?

you can play too!
…one of my favourite food groups

600ml buttermilk
2 eggs
sprinkling of sugar
2 cups SR flour

– mix the buttermilk and eggs
– add the sugar and flour, stir until combined
– heat a frypan over moderate heat
– add a knob of butter, then ladle in some of the mix
– when bubbles form, flip, cook for another minute or two
– top with either a scattering of sugar and drizzle of lemon juice, or maple syrup – I’m also quite partial to topping the lemon juice and sugar option with thinly sliced strawberries.
I bake thiiiiiiiiiiis much…
K: Hi, do you repair stoves?
Stove repair man: Yes
K: My stove is broken and that is not good. I need you to come and fix it.
SRM: sure, what is the problem
K: The fan bake option is broken again, this is the third time it’s happened.
SRM: Oh, ok, is it the fan or the heat.
K: The heat.
K: there’s more
K: it seems the whole oven has dropped in its hole under the bench. Or something
SRM: right…
K: Like the door has dropped, so when you open the door it hits the bit of the cabinet underneath it and that’s broken the facing of the door as well
SRM: so what’s happened to the door?
K: Well the shiny metal front has come unstuck, so when I open the oven door, it just hangs down.
SRM: Right… well, maybe I should send out a guy to have a look and advise what to do
K: and the handle is wobbly
SRM: Aha.
K: and now, on standard bake, it makes a weird clacking noise.
SRM: Ok.
K: so when can you get here?
SRM: How’s Tuesday…
That is all.