It was bound to happen sooner rather than later…

On the day he turned 11months old, he decided to just stand up. Sure, he’s been cruising furniture since he was about 5.5 months old. Sure, he’s been letting go of furniture and standing for about the last 6 weeks.

But tonight, he just decided to stand up from sitting.

I imagine if felt like the sensation you get when you learn how to swing. So that, combined with his parents and brothers breaking into spontaneous applause every time he did it. He just kept doing it over and over.

My recollection of the other two, now dim and fuzzy due to trauma and alcohol, is that they went from cruising furniture to letting go and taking a couple of steps. This craziness of standing up in the middle of the room with no help from anything is just another delight from my perpetual ray of sunshine.

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  • Joke


    So soon they start reaching for fragile things which in a nanosecond turn into eleventy gazillion sharp and jagged bits.


  • Suse

    Middle of the room standing?

    That child is a progid… proge… prodj… genius.

  • daysgoby

    Yay Sunshine!

  • Em

    Okay… I just found your blog via Bec in the Ladies Lounge (who found me…) and I feel a little freaked out (after reading your 116 things) as our lives are eerily
    similar: I have three children, the middle one has severe global developmental delays (unexplained), oldest is 7, youngest is 11 months, I have self esteem issues, have suffered from depression my whole life and in particular suffered from PND with all three of my babies, I suffered from an eating disorder for most of my late teens & 20s, my parents divorced when I was 9, my first boyfriend turned out to be gay… Needless to say, I could go on…

    I’ll definitely be reading you again 🙂

  • Kim

    Em – Does that make you my doppleganger or the other way around?

    Joke – he is the third, the only thing fragile in this house is my sanity… and really that shattered into eleventy gazillion sharp and jagged bits a long time ago.