Many wines
Amazing mussles made by Chef (think sauteed onion, garlic, then white wine, then the mussels, then the juice of a few lemons and more white wine – big stir, then take out mussels as they open) with stunning sourdough to dip in the juices.
Many more wines…
Discussions about the anti-depressants that do more than make you normal, they make your bits go “ping!” and not just ping! but PING!PING!PING!
and that for friends, not on the drugs that make you go PING!, that experience is just ‘normal’.
I know, GETOUT.
But the best discussion of all – that Bri is going for a deep colonic to deal with what Chef and I have nicknamed his arse-plaque.
Can I just say, even without many wines, as I view this tomorrow, I will find the concept of arse-plaque very very funny.
So Badger – as I have another wine, that one’s for you.

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  • Blue Moon Girl

    Oh the discussions you have after many, many wines! Sounds like it was fun though! 🙂

  • Badger

    HA! I like that whenever you think of ass maladies, you think of me. It’s an odd meme, but I’ll take it.

  • MsCellania

    Sounds like a good ‘cleansing’ all around!

    I whooped with laughter when you said “Badger”, knowing her delicacy around the subject…