I took today off to take Mum to the airport. We are now matriarch-free until 3 October.

I’d love to know what you guys think we did on our first night as a frat house.

On the ocassions I drive to work, there is a part of the trip where you come off a major arterial road onto the Warringah Freeway heading in to the city via the Harbour Bridge. I love this junction. You come around a sweeping bend, up a hill, merge with traffic going around 80 (including a LOT of commuter buses) and have to get across four lanes to get into the lane I need to be in unless I decide working in the west or south would make a nice change. I love this whole process. It sounds dramatic and on a level it is, but man, I just love that sensation – flying around the corner, across the lanes, over the bridge and into the city to work.
The Doodles are coming for dinner on Saturday and staying the night. I am thinking of doing a butter chicken and a fish curry.
Woollies has this new ad on at the moment with a new “face” of woolworths. Seriously dudes, the guy is a walking Chesty Bond.
Joke – I call them shallots, Suse probably calls them green onions, I think you guys call them scallions – but I think you know what I meant.

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  • Joke

    OK. Yes. Those. In fact, any member of the onion family, suitably cut into a sprinkleable shape, would be stellar. (What we think of a shallot is that miniature onion-like thing, except it has two “cloves” like garlic would if it only had two, instead of 20-24 as garlic usually does.


    P.S. The sad thing is that in your place, I would have SLEPT. But then again, I’m not all strung out by massive dosages of Aviatrix or whatever the Hell that thing’s called that takes your, um, drive out of hibernation. In which case, good for you!

  • Surfing Free

    I also love driving onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge … it’s always a little bit exciting and makes me feel very grown up.

  • blackbird

    I’m guessing you slept.

    I know exactly what you mean about your drive into the city –
    I had a wonderful MG and made a drive like that every day…when I hit the bridge (well, not HIT) I had such a thrill each morning.

    I think you are going to have to fill me in on ‘butter chicken.’

    I did make a chicken slathered in butter last night – but I think you mean something else.

  • Suse

    We call them shallots too, although it’s confusing because as Joke said, the mini French onions are shallots. Smaller and sweeter than big onions.

    Mr Soup makes a mean butter chicken.