My beautiful, talented, intelligent-nay-braniac (she likes riddles people) friend who I have so dreadfully neglected for the last, oh, f.o.u.r. months is having a snarky time at the moment, so go visit her, throw your internet arms around her along with alcohol and probably a cheese platter, with olives, to make the Becstar smile once more.
I’m on day three of Operation Dumbo Drop and DUDE am I food cranky. Still, there are goals and a whole new blog because sheesh, the five I’ve already got really don’t cover it, where you can read all about my current long hard and sorry slog to morph from sloth to svelte.

yes, I’m sighing loudly too.
Mum goes on her big trip on the big boat tomorrow. I’m going to miss her.

Go figure.
We’re going camping here in a week and a half for a week with the Doodles. I am SO excited. It’s my first holiday/break since going back to work in February and MY GOODNESS is very badly needed.

And no, the irony isn’t lost on me that while I might not be shovelling food into my mouth I certainly will be guzzling the homemade limoncello and coffee liquuer Chef has made or the case of wine we’ll be taking with us.

I am quite nauseous thinking I might have to put a swimming costume on. Because at the moment, I look more like this:

than this

Honey soy chicken wings
An absolute favourite in this house. I can’t give you specific measurements, just go with the ‘feel’ of it.

1 kilo chicken wings, chopped along the joints
2 cups soy sauce
2-4 honey
2 garlic cloves, smooshed
knob of ginger, grated
sprinkle of Chinese Five Spice
dash of sesame oil

– marinate for as long as you have
– pour everything into a baking dish
– bake at 200C until they’ve got good colour
– if the sauce is really runny, make a cornflour slurry and stir through a few minutes from the end of the cooking process to thicken.
– serve with steamed rice and broccolli or snow peas.
The boys came with me for the grocery shop on the weekend. Remarkably it was really enjoyable, with the boys asking me about all different fruit and vegetables and various food stuffs with minimal whinging and requests for every form of junk food imaginable.

Cue the Woollies worker who also happens to be a sheikh (sp?)

Felix: Look Mummy, a genie!

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  • Joke

    Funny, I never thought if you as particularly grey.

    As re. the chicken, I’d add a bit of Asian chile/garlic stuff and sprinkle a bit of sesame seeds to sort of, y’know, round out the sesame-ness of it all.

    I bet they’re even better over a fire AND I bet the marinade would also be stellar on shrimp/prawns.

    Thus endeth the message.


  • Kim

    I’m less grey and more flourescent white… tragic.

    And yes, I am with you re doing the wings over a fire, or with prawns. YUM.

    I love them with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and some julienned shallots as well – for fresh crunch.

    v. good.

  • nutmeg

    Hi Kim, thanks for the park tip on my blog a while ago. I am not too far from there and will check it out.

    I love the genie comment – you’ve given me a good laugh for the day – I sure did need it.

    I’m off now to check out your diet diary blog – I have needed to lose 5 (or more!) kilos for many years. You may give me some inspiration as that picture of the walrus (was that what it was?) is frighteningly like the state of my thighs!

  • Bec of the Ladies Lounge

    thanks 😉

  • Kim

    nutmeg – it’s a dugong. I’m probably only a few kilos off walrus status.

  • Joke

    1- Oh, and that grey creature is what we call a manatee.

    2- Julienned shallots reminded me t-h-i-n-l-y sliced scallions/spring onions/green onions would be good too.


    P.S. I love leaving comments here, because it tells me what time it is over there.