on the way to school today…

I heard:

PolicewoMAN: “Thank God the lift arrived. If I watched it go between levels 4 and 5 one more time and had my gun on me, I would have shot it.”
Other policewoman: “Why do you need to get your gun”
PolicewoMAN: “Because I’m got to go to headquarters”

here’s hoping there’s only a stairwell at HQ.

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  • Surfing Free

    Yikes! Aren’t they trained to not talk about their guns in public? And not shoot their guns out of the pure frustration that other people might be using a lift as well??

    Keep that thing holstered lady!!

  • Kim

    Probably, but I thought it was pretty darn funny all the same…

  • Joke

    Hey, be glad it wasn’t an army artillery officer talking to another.

    It’s half-full,