Tonight we had Jasper’s parent teacher interview.
You know, there’s nothing quite like the pressure of the parent teacher meeting for your 10 month old.
You will all be relieved to know – as we were – that we have a lovely baby who has good routines, is a happy baby, loves painting, music and reading books, and is loved by the other children.
Afterwards we showed commitment to the precinct and had a lovely dinner of Italian food in The Rocks. The kids were blown away by seeing the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Luna Park at night. It’s not that they haven’t seen it before, it’s just they’re older, more interested in these things and we drove under the bridge. And you know what? Even I was pretty impressed by the scale of it all.
But through all of that, I couldn’t shake this niggling feeling. What if Jasper had been a nasty baby. The one that terrorises the others? Has random sleep patterns and laughed in the face of routine. Oh the horror!